I have gotten a lot of emails from listeners asking what will go down after I leave on Maternity leave which, truth be told isn’t long from now. Well in case you were worried that it would just be Jason and Gavin holding down the fort- don’t be. There is a myriad of lovely ladies, some you know of, that will be filling in for me! It’s gonna be great and they will (Hopefully) keep those boys in check. Gotta represent right! lol.

So this weekend was MUCH needed. Everyone tells me to “sleep in now because once the baby is born you won’t be able too” Honestly, folks, I get up everyday at 4:15 a.m. sleeping in isn’t something I have grown accustomed too in the last 6 years on the air. Ha! BUT just so you know I do listen when I am given advice- I love advice. (I might be the only one) but I have been trying to sleep and lounge as much as possible. In fact, I feel like I am chained to my bed. (not in a kinky way mind you!!!!!) lol. Trying to read and study about whats about to happen. A (guy) co-worker of mine told me that for the first baby most people roll out the red carpet and read up and do birth classes and the whole nine yards BUT by the time they get to the 3rd baby it’s old hat. SOO I am taking this time to do just that. Take it all in. ah. wonderful. lol.

Has anyone watched the DVD Dunston Baby Language it’s really cool. My husband and I watched it this morning. If you are a first time mom or even second or third – it really gives you an inside look to what your baby is “saying” when it cries. And if you don’t take my word on it- it was featured on Oprah- so that means something right?!

So something I am looking forward tonight is DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES! It started out amazing, got weird and boring, then last season REALLY took off! So I am anxious to see what is gonna happen!

Sorry this is such a mixed bag of a blog but I wanted to share a few things! MUCH LOVE and talk to you on the air tomorrow morning!


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#1 Jennifer on 09.28.09 at 7:37 pm

Kelly, you are completely right. I just recently had my 3rd baby and I didn’t even open my copy of “What to Expect” this time around. I felt like an old pro..haha. But even when I was pregnant for the first time, I didn’t take any of the classes. Especially the lamaz which I had been told that its a waste. In my opinion, it might be. When your in the moment of labor and delivery, the LAST thing you are thinking about it your breathing. You just want the baby out and out NOW! But since you say you like advice, mine would be to enjoy every second of pregnancy and the baby once it gets here because time flies so fast its unbelievable. I feel like it was just yesterday that I had only one child to worry about, now I have 3! My oldest is 4 now and I can’t believe how grown up he seems. Definitely make sure to keep a baby book and record EVERYTHING..one day you will regret it if you don’t because you really do tend to forget some of the smaller moments in life. Just from listening to you in the mornings, I can tell that you are going to be great mother. There is no bigger reward and no bigger frustration at times! :) There are times that I could seriously sell my children! haha, but they are my entire world and I would not have it any other way! Congrats to you and good luck and I can’t wait to hear how things go!

God Bless,