It’s Bananas!

Thank you one and all for the comments and all the emails that were sent about “not stressin” I needed to hear that. Is all the stuff still in the Living room? Yes, BUT for what it’s worth it’s not the living room we use to watch TV and by the end of next week I should have things situated! But lets talk about food. Although it’s hard to get on the scale EVERY WEEK at the ol’ Doctors – it’s not so hard to shovel large quantities of food into my mouth. I guess I go for QUALITY over quantity BUT lets be honest…a girl can do both right?!

First item on the LOVE TO EAT LATELY list is: Pancakes. Anything sweet really. I will eat it all. I made breakfast for dinner last night and while Brandon was in the shower I ate THREE pancakes and then when he was out I had another two! WOW. somebody stop me! Actually don’t bother…I won’t listen. Anyway love pancakes with LOADS of syrup. But here is where my foodie brain kicks in – it’s all about the Organic Syrup made with real sugar that I buy – none of this Log Cabin stuff. no way. Of course if that’s your bag I don’t judge.

Along with my sweet tooth I still enjoy my steak and potatoes for sure! And I am limiting my dairy intake because they say in the last month a baby can put on a lot of weight with dairy. So it’s Almond milk from here on out. Plus its so tasty…and like 8 carbs…try it I bet you won’t notice the difference. And Almond milk kicks Soy milk and Rice milk’s booty ANYDAY! Do a taste test for yourself and see.

And even though it doesn’t feel like fall I am still a FALL LOVER – so I am mixing up my Swiss Miss (with the tiny marshmallows) in either water or Almond milk…and dunkin my butter toast in it. If you haven’t tried dunking butter toast into hot chocolate you are missing out. OR cinnamon sugar toast…YOWZA! now we’re talking! Plus here’s a tiny Hip Tip for ya, Cinnamon is really good for blood pressure…so put it on everything you eat. It’s great!

Ok have I talked about food enough? Anyone hungry besides me? Gotta go (eat) Much love to all my mamas out there!!!!


#1 Brooke on 09.25.09 at 5:34 pm

Do you think you will let people know when you go
into labor? Like will Jason and Gavin briefly mention
it? I sure hope so! KIT!(keep in touch!)


#2 Kelly on 09.27.09 at 11:39 am

oh totally brooke- i am sure once I go on Maternity leave Gavin will text me daily and ask how I am progressing…LOL! thanks for asking.

#3 Ashley on 09.30.09 at 7:03 am

im preggers too sitting here reading this while eating toast with nutella on it! haha so im right there with you! oh and i looooveee cinnamon sugar toast! so good!