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I am watching House Hunters on HGTV and this couple is looking, obviously, for a house and the girl in the couple is pregnant and her ankles are HUGE. When you are pregnant you notice stuff like this, I guess.  I am switching back and forth to some old episode of Friends. Now, granted I am not a huge fan of Friends anymore but I totally watched it when it was on like 5 years ago. And all I have to say is “Rachel is NOT a mom” she has time to shop, hang at a coffee shop and look perfect 24/7! What a scam! I just got off ichat with my best friend who recently had her baby 8 weeks ago, and she is NOT doing ANY of that. I mean, don’t get me wrong she does look fabulous just 8 weeks after having a baby but she is not pulling a Rachel.

I think this is why people like reality tv. It’s actually real. I would rather see the preggo woman with the giant cankles strolling around Kentucky looking for a new house then see Rachel from Friends ‘pretend’ to be a new mom. Because if I polled 100 women who just had a baby I gaurentee they aren’t sitting in coffee shops reading Cosmo.

All I can say is “hats off moms!” I am about to join you! You are very selfless people who live real lives.

Much love