5 MORE things a guy wouldn’t know about being pregnant

Jason tells me to make up lists every month about different stages in my pregnancy. So this time we are at the 6 month mark. I am actually a little more than 6 months, but oh well.

-by the 6th month mark the baby’s testes have descended (now of course if you are having a girl her testes will never descend, because she has none. But don’t worry…That’s a good thing!)

– Be careful of something called Pregnancy Mask. Due to a change in hormones some women may get darker brown spots on their body if they are out in the sun for too long. This isn’t a tan- it’s more of a concentrated skin blotch. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it doesn’t. So be sure to wear SPF or a hat if you gonna head outdoors!

– Right now the baby is about the same length of a plastic recorder flute, or around 11-12 inches.
– The baby is able to hear, although a bit muffled, what is going on out in the world. (This worries me because for 4 1/2 hours a day I listen to Jason and Gavin, so that means that baby boy hears them too!!!!ack!)

– You are averaging about 3-4 times a night in potty breaks. (Although a listener told me this morning this is a good thing, it gets you used to waking up during the night when your baby is born!)

Things are rolling right along! We get to do another Ultrasound next weekend so we are super Amped about that!!! Thanks for all the emails and comments! Kelly@endonline.com