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Thank God it’s Friday! Being pregnant has it’s ups and downs but Friday is definitly an UP! Can I get an amen from the back row sistas! ok so after I left work today I met my good friend Megan at Cheesecake Factory in Roseville…we ate outside with her DARLING 6 month old daughter Alana (sooo cute!). We get done eating and I decide since we both had salads that we DEFINITLY need some cheesecake…so I order Adams peanutbutter fudge ripple something something…Megan says she’ll have one bite and I go “oh come on it’s your birthday!”
well about 5 minutes later this stream of servers come over to our table singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Megan!…it really caught us off guard and Megs was bright red…although they came with a hot fudge sundae so that was a plus! We also ate the cheesecake. WHOOPS! oh well.
So many good stores opening at the Mall and it was good to get up and walk after our dessert! I bought some Coconut Tea (decaf!) from Teavana and headed home to relax.
The rest of the weekend will be spent either grilling, enjoying the AC and sleeping in. Then Sunday is FATHERS DAY! I got Brandon a “dad-to-be” fathers day card, and a special gift from the baby (Baby boy told me to get it for his dad I couldn’t say no;p) I will update that on Sunday after I give it to him.
Doing anything for the baby daddy in your life? Or for your own dad? I sent mine straight up cash…I figure he’s not gonna use a gift card (he will forget about it and leave it in his wallet to expire) and he has everything he needs so I told him to treat himself to a happy hour or something…I am sure he’ll figure it out. How much did I give him? Only 27 dollars…a dollar for every year he’s been my dad…lol.
ok gotta go relax – you do the same!