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Big Brother Video Blog 8

On the night that Laura was evicted from the Big Brother house, I give you my thoughts on where this season may be headed. Here is a hint…it’s not good. Also, I have some simple advice for the people behind the scenes at Big Brother, and a prediction for next week’s nominations. As always, please leave your comments and follow me on Twitter @JasonWakeUpCall

Banned Sprite Commercials

*******UPDATE********  It was too good to be true. Sprite has pulled these “sexy” videos off of websites across the country, including this blog. Sorry for the letdown.  If I find new, legal videos, I will post them here on my blog.  Jason


These two Sprite commercials were both banned in Germany. Warning, these commercials are not really appropriate for kids to watch.

Darren the Waving Goat

Yes, he’s a real goat. Yes, the people looking at him are asking him to wave at them. Watch the rest!

Annoying Guy Blocks My View at WEC Show

I went to Arco Arena for the WEC show and this annoying guy was blocking my view, so I thought I would showcase him in a video.

Inappropriate Kids Slide!

Kelly’s sister found this video and I’m posting it. I can’t believe that this sliding board is for real! How could anybody not think…”that looks really creepy??”

Crazy Thunder and Lightning!!

When we got the night of thunder and lightning, I shot some video from my backyard.  It was worth catching on camera.

The World of the Future

I found this video about the world of the future! Totally worth the 4 plus minutes you will spend watching it. If you can read lips, you’ll enjoy this video a lot more. Enjoy!

Be prepared to be amazed!!

Somebody sent me a link to a video starring a guy named Damien Walters. What you will see in this video will blow your mind!  The guy defies gravity!!

Cool Optical Illusion!!

If you enjoy optical illusions, you like this!

HardTime :: Illusion from ze frank on Vimeo.

Wiener Works. 14 inch hotdog!

Over the weekend, I went to Wiener Works on Madison Avenue in Sacramento.  They are right down the road from 107.9 the End’s studios.  They listen to the Wake Up Call and I brought some friends in to try their hotdogs.  I had the 14 inch mustard and relish dog.  He had the chili cheese dog!  My wife and his wife had the “small” hotdogs.  The video starts with the large fries and moves to the hotdogs.  Support local businesses!!!