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How I Met Your Mother meets Frosty!

In my opinion, THIS is a new holiday classic!  It’s even funnier to me knowing that CBS put this together!!

Greatest Muppet Video EVER

I have never been a rabid Muppets fan, but they are making a comeback. This new video came out and is one of the best muppet videos ever! Enjoy!

Tall Skinny Matt does “What’s In the Box”?

Tall Skinny Matt (our show producer) took his first shot at “What’s In the Box”.

What’s in the Box 3

What’s In the Box (this time)?

It was another round of What’s In the Box?  Will Kelly figure out what mystery “something” is in the box?  If it wasn’t hard enough, we blindfold her and plug up her nose.  Check it out!

Best Monkey Video EVER

I love videos of monkeys. I think it’s a guy thing. In this case, I think everyone will love this video and ask themselves…”why didn’t anybody think of doing this before?”

Gavin Gets Milked! Man vs. Breast Pump

One man….one breast pump….enjoy the video!

What’s In the Box?

With her eyes covered and her nose plugged, Kelly sticks here hand in the box.  If she can figure out what’s in the box….our listener wins a prize.  Enjoy!

Jonas Brothers show a new side

Did you see the Jonas Brothers on Regis and Kelly? No? Check out this video that shows a different side of Nick, Kevin, and Joe. Whoever put this video together is awesome! Watch it and find out why!!

My joke…will it end up on TV?

Comic Loni Love held a contest on her Twitter @LoniLove. She asked followers to write a joke and if your joke was the best, she’d use it on Chelsea Lately on E…and give you a shoutout. Here is my joke. Do you think it’s good enough?