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The Texting Video EVERYONE needs to watch

This video is very disturbing, but it is a video that every person who text messages needs to watch.

Improv with Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows for Saturday Night Live fame…also The Ladies Man, Mean Girls, Walk Hard, and more…was on the Wake Up Call on August 7, 2009.  He and his Improv crew gave us a quick lesson in Improv and then had us do a quick skit.  This video is the result!  Please leave comments.

Twitter and You…and Me

This is Jason, and I wanted to let you know that I changed my Twitter account to For those of you who don’t understand Twitter, or think it is dumb, you aren’t alone! I was one of them. Then I got on Twitter and started to play around with the simple features. Once you figure it out, you will get hooked!

In the past few weeks, Twitter has been a huge part of the protests in Iran. Twitter has also been a great way for fans to pay tribute to their fallen heroes like Michael Jackson.

Don’t worry about the dumb jokes about Twitter. Twitter is only what you want it to be based on your personal interests. Here is how Twitter works….

Let’s just say that you are a huge fan of (insert celebrity name). You simply sign up for Twitter and click “follow” to see their updates. If it’s a movie star, you might get updates from them live from a movie set. If there is a big news story, you might get their personal point of view. If there is hot Hollywood gossip, you might get their inside information.

When Infomercial King Billy Mays died, I found his son on Twitter. It’s been heartwarming to read updates from his son in the hours since his father’s passing. There are people who might be reading this and thinking “that is so lame to bug a guy when his dad just died.”

That’s the thing! Billy Mays son didn’t have to tell us anything. He has posted “tweets” (Twitter messages) claiming that he has remained strong since his father’s death by reading fan comments about his father. He was so moved by his father’s fans that he decided to post updates telling us how he was feeling and he even gave us links to personal family photos of his Dad.

Sports stars, movie stars, your favorite websites, and even a guy from your favorite morning radio show (I’m hoping that show is the Wake Up Call) are on Twitter!

Follow who you want and if you need a personal Twitter-Tutor, I would be happy to help you out!

Go to Twitter and sign up! It only takes a minute or two. After you sign up, go to, and follow me! My name on Twitter is @JasonWakeUpCall.

I have been posting info about our show, behind the scenes information about 107.9 the End, and I’ve even done some prize giveaways for ONLY my Twitter followers. How’s that sound? You can play radio contests and compete with over 300,000 listeners, or follow me on Twitter and compete with a few hundred. Cool deal, huh?

Thanks for reading this and I hope to see you guys on Twitter soon. It has a bad rap for being lame, but I’ve met some cool people and learned some pretty cool things while reading “tweets” Quick quiz…What is a “tweet”? Yup a message you send on Twitter!

I love you guys for listening to the Wake Up Call!!