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Japanese Show Fakes Shooting!

If you’ve ever seen the show Scare Tactics, you have seen fake murders threatening people.  You have seen alien attacks.  You have seen creepy people.  In all of these cases, the contestants were placed in a bad place in an effort to scare them!  Recently, a Japanese show faked a shooting to scare a man.  This may be the most over the top “fake” thing I have ever seen on TV.  Did it go too far?  Remember, it was all done for laughs!

Amy Winehouse raps! (and it’s not pretty)

I guess this was recorded during down time of the recording of Amy’s new CD. I personally enjoy her screaming during the first drum solo.

The Texting Video EVERYONE needs to watch

This video is very disturbing, but it is a video that every person who text messages needs to watch.

Gavin Gets Milked! Man vs. Breast Pump

One man….one breast pump….enjoy the video!

Jonas Brothers show a new side

Did you see the Jonas Brothers on Regis and Kelly? No? Check out this video that shows a different side of Nick, Kevin, and Joe. Whoever put this video together is awesome! Watch it and find out why!!

Find a stranger video…win a living dinosaur.

(oh yeah, if anybody can translate this, that would be GREAT!!)