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Big Brother Video Blog 13

Big Brother-Interview w/Ronnie

I had a chance to talk to Ronnie from Big Brother!  Check out this interview and then comment!

Ronnie is gone!!! Big Brother Video Blog 12!!

On the night when Ronnie went home from the Big Brother house, I give you my thoughts on the show and tell you why I am super excited for the upcoming week of Big Brother!!!

Big Brother Video Blog 11

Here is my latest Big Brother video blog…including spoilers for upcoming Big Brother episodes!!

Big Brother Video Blog 10!!

After Casey got voted out, I shot a new video talking about the lasted two twists in the Big Brother house!

Big Brother Video Blog 9 (The Shortest Video Yet!)

This is the shortest Big Brother Video Blog yet!  Watch this video.  It’s less than a minute long.  It’s pretty easy to figure out which Big Brother houseguest has gotten under Jason’s skin.  Please comment.  Am I wrong????

Big Brother Video Blog 7 (Romance??)

Here is my latest Big Brother Video Blog. This time I talk about “romance” in the Big Brother house. If you watch the video, please leave a comment. Some people are following me on Twitter @JasonWakeUpCall and they are telling me the video works, but the comments don’t work. Others are telling me that the video isn’t working. It works fine on my end here…..anyone???

(Oh yeah, it’s also in the dark…on purpose. This time, not to make a point, but to set a mood.)

Big Brother Video Blog 6 (Jason Plays Guitar????)

This is the Big Brother Video Blog! Yes, I have a guitar! If you are a fan of guitar playing and Big Brother, you have to check out this video blog!

Big Brother Video Blog 5 (with dog toys)

The first live eviction is over and I am back with my thoughts about the latest episode of Big Brother! This video focuses on the Braden controversy on the house and the new head of household….Ronnie.

Big Brother Video Blog 4 (While Shaving)

Here is Big Brother Video Blog 4.  I had two things to do tonight before bed.  Do my Big Brother Video Blog and shave.  I always have people making fun of my horrible facial hair.  A Big Brother fan wrote me an e-mail talking about my lame attempt at a beard.  I figured I could shave while doing my Big Brother video blog.

Also, before you watch, I want to apologize.  Maybe the shaving threw me off, but I mistakenly put Michelle (the neuroscientist) in with the off beat group.  I meant to say Lydia a few times and accidentally said Michelle.  Sorry!!

Here it is, Big Brother Video Blog 4!  (While Shaving)