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Frost/Nixon  (Rated R)
Gavin Grade: B

Oscar Watch!  This one’s up for Best Picture and when that news got out, the studio re-released this.  That means it was out of theaters in Sacramento, but now it’s back and playing a couple places. Make sure you don’t go see this movie tired; it’s definetly a “Talkie.”  It’s not the most exciting movie in the world, there aren’t twists and turns that keep you interested either.  The only thing that makes this movie what it is, is the story and the performances.  Makes sense too considering that it’s based on a play.  The story is about how a British talk-show host, David Frost, bet everything on getting an interview with former disgraced President, Richard Nixon.  What Frost tried to do was get Nixon to own up to his mistakes and apologize to America for his wrong-doings.  A story that echoes the sentiments of how many Americans feel about George W. Bush eerily too well.  The movie is carried by the two main actors.  Michael Sheen plays Frost and Frank Langella plays Nixon.  If there is anyone in this year’s Oscar race that can give Mickey Rourke a run for the money and SHOULD win over him, it’s Frank Langella.  Sadly the last thing I remember him from playing Skeletor in “Masters of the Universe.”  But Langella is so good in this movie that it’s like watching moving art.  He has lengthy monologues that make you think that you ARE watching Richard Nixon spout his sadness and insecurities.  What’s just as good as Langella’s performance is the partnership between director, Ron Howard, and writer, Peter Morgan (who also wrote the play).  They actually show Nixon as a smart, crafty, selfish and unstable man, but make you feel so bad and sympathetic for him that you may be like me, and have a few tears by the end.  However, the biggest tragedy with this movie is that Langella will lose Best Actor to Mickey Rourke.

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