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Slumdog Millionair

Slumdog Millionair (Rated R)
Gavin Grade: A
Oscar Watch!  Director Danny Boyle is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  He’s directed “Trainspotting” and “28 Days Later,” which ARE two of my favorites.  However he released “Sunshine” which was also very underated and extremely good.  All three are intense horror movies of either drugs, zombies or the sun.  They all sound rediculous, but end up being amazingly realistic and terrorfying.  This time, Boyle decided to lend his aggressive film making to a drama…and throughly succeeded!  Apparently in India, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” is still going strong as a very popular game show.  When a kid, who grew up as a poor slumdog ends up on the show, he’s investigated for cheating since he knows all the answers.  That’s where the story begins.  We find out that every single question he’s asked on the show is related to either a funny or terrible anticdote from his life.  We end up with a touching life portrait/love story that is framed beautifully with this game show.  It ends up being a feel-good movie of sorts but not without its fair-share of drama.  If you’re looking for recognizable faces or famous actors in this, you won’t find them.  It was shot entirely with Indian actors (yes there are subtitles some of the time) and entirely in India.  One thing is for sure, Danny Boyle didn’t do anything for the tourism board of India.  He makes it appear to be one horrible country!

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#1 Chris Temple on 06.28.09 at 3:42 pm

This movie was way overrated. I think most people liked this movie because they were told to like it by the media. I was a C+ at best.