nullBolt (Rated G)
Gavin Grade: B+

I got to see this movie at the Natomas movie theater, which is one of three theaters showing it in 3D. In all honesty though it wasn’t worth it. I would imagine that this movie is just as enjoyable without wearing the humiliating glasses. If “Bolt” was made for two kinds of people, 1: animal lovers; and 2: Hollywood insiders. There are so many industry jokes in this movie, I can’t imagine how kids will respond to them. That’s because it’s about a dog that is the star of a primetime action TV show that gets doesn’t know he’s just an actor. But when he gets lost on the other side of the country, his discovery soon reveals he doesn’t have the superpowers he thought he had. The idea of “self discovery” sounds a little heavy, but there’s enough funny talking animals in it that kids will love it just the same. This isn’t a Pixar movie, but it is from Disney. That means that you won’t see any of the “adult” type humor in it that you might be used too, but the action sequences are amazing to watch and keep you on the moment while forgetting it’s a little dog voiced by John Travolta. “Bolt” is fun for the whole family (except maybe a moody teenager) and will make you want to rush home right after the movie and hug and kiss your very own pet.