Author: nmccormack

~ 04/30/09

  • Make sure your Incident Response Team (IRT) is in place. We suggest this group be chaired by the GM and include your BM/HR Manager, OM, DOS, DOE, IT Manager, and Webmaster. Your IRT needs to be working on the items outlined in the memo emailed to GMs yesterday. Most importantly, make sure you are stock piling liquid hand cleaners and anti-bacterial cleaning supplies. (Note: The cities of Austin and Portland are currently out of hand sanitizers and most cleaning supplies. If your city is out of antibacterial cleaning supplies, you may want to purchase some bleach that you can mix with water.)

Please email me your IRT team members and their contact information (office/cell phone) by Friday, 5/1.

Also, please send me an email when your team has completed the tasks outlined in the memo sent to the GMs yesterday. (I’ve attached it to this email.)

We will have a company-wide conference call with the IRTs early next week.

  • Markets should identify a local physician that will treat your employees on a priority basis in the event we have a swine flu outbreak at your stations. Since we have a responsibility to keep our stations on the air and provide emergency information to the community, our programming and engineering staff will require priority treatment. Markets should also identify “free clinics” (usually the local health department) that part-time employees with no insurance can access.
  • Please notify me if you have (1) employees that have been to Mexico, (2) employees that call in sick with the flu (3) employees that call in to stay home to care for a family member with the flu. I’m tracking these incidents.
  • While not on the list yesterday, markets should also identify a vendor that specializes in professional biological clean-up, in the event an employee is diagnosed with swine flu. If you are in a leased building, your landlord may be a good source for a recommendation. If you are not in a leased building, or your landlord does not have a recommendation, then you will need to research a company. Firms such as ServPro and others provide these services.
  • Make sure your employee emergency contact list is complete and emailed to me by tomorrow.

Thank you.