West Coast for the Win

written by Andy Hawk, our in-house “49ers Homer”

Tony Romo has lost 7 of his last 8 starts, while Alex Smith has won his last two starts. OK now I am being a homer. Seriously, while both teams have been really bad the last couple of years, there is still a sort of magic about a Niners/ Cowboys battle on a Sunday afternoon.


With the Niners winning their opener against Seattle it is nice to be excited more about our local team than my Fantasy Football  Leagues.  Both lost the first week, that’s a whole different saga but thanks for asking.  Some would say that San Francisco is nothing to be excited about since they beat an awful team in Seattle.  I agree here, Seattle is terrible.  They are so bad they could end up with Andrew Luck next year(don’t get me started on how bad that would be). It is that Seattle was so bad Harbaugh had the luxury of calling a conservative game, and it WORKED, IN THIS CASE.  Alex Smith did everything asked of him completing 15 of 20 passes mainly throwing short passes with a few throws down field to Vernon Davis that were all successful.  With a bad team like Seattle this strategy was brilliant.


The 49ers had zero turnovers and gave up no sacks.  You see my points!!!  There is reason to be fired up about this team even if the pretty part of the game was on defense and special teams.  By the way, in the last eight years this has not been the case.  Perfection on special teams and solid overall defensive front is very welcomed over here. Oh yeah it is!!


Now, this week will have to be different. Dallas is starved for a victory and does have explosive offensive players.  I expect to see the west Coast offense that we have heard so much about on full display this week with a variety of Harbaugh trick plays. This week is what we have been waiting for and I can’t wait for the game. Niners and Cowboys Sunday on ESPN 1320. 

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The Niners in 2011 = Surprise

The following is the latest entry from our resident “49ers Homer,” Andy Hawk.


Can you say this years Tampa Bay Bucs?  I think we can.  SURPRISE!  The element of surprise will work this year for the Niners.  Everyone looked at a very talented Niner roster last year and said 9-7, maybe 10-6 if all goes well.  Subtract some bad luck with bad bounces of the ball and the Niners are 8-8 easy last year.  Plus, anyone in the NFL will tell us that the Niners were the worst coached team in league last year. 


Now with a stronger roster and a much better system for Alex Smith and the young offensive line, everyone in the national media is predicting our favorite team from the Bay to be terrible.  SURPRISE!  Talent wise with the West Coast offense, solid running game, and improved defense, 10-6 is realistic.  San Francisco is this year’s Tampa Bay. SURPRISE to all not paying attention.   You heard it here first.


I mean you believe a team led by Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis can’t win the division, why did you think so last year?  So, now that we feel confident about the coaching and system is everything I just said really a fantasy?  Nope.  While the NFL is overlooking the 49ers, we will see some surprising rookie performances from Aldon Smith and Kendall Hunter, along with breakout seasons from Navorro Bowman and Ahmad Brooks leading the way to a 3-1 start filled with 27-17 victories.  SURPRISE SF to be NFC West Champs.


I’m Andy Hawk your 49er homer and I will be listening to the first Niner win this Sunday on ESPN 1320.

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Vernon Davis “Frustrated” “Feels Like He’s Retired”

San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is pretty much sick of the NFL lockout. I’m sure he’s not the only one. At least it’s almost over. Here he talks about his frustrations and more.

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Patrick Willis in the Top 25 For NFL Network’s Top 100 Players

It’s nice to see Patrick Willis make #23 on NFL Network’s list of the Top 100 Players of 2011. You mean, Alex Smith didn’t make the list? No sorry, but I’m sure Jim Harbaugh would have already put him in the Top 5.

Is Ray Lewis better than Willis? The experts think so. Even Willis was less than thrilled in this tweet

“number 23 hmmm. Its doesn’t matter where I start its where I finish that matters most to me. In time my friends. ” I have to Keep grinding”

If this motivates Willis to destroy his opponent even more, then it’s a great ranking, and I wish they would have put him 55th. By the way, Running back Frank Gore was ranked No. 94. Tight end Vernon Davis came in at No. 88

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Crabtree Is Working Out With Other 49ers

The news that Michael Crabtree is working out with his fellow 49ers is good news. Maybe he felt pressured by the group of players who are gathered in Santa Clara. Working out in Dallas by yourself doesn’t exactly endear you to your teammates. Besides, when you’re seen as a guy that doesn’t want to put the time in, and wants to squeak out an injury for as long as you can, you better change your mindset. Otherwise, Vernon Davis might show up and confront you again. I don’t think anybody who’s halfway sane would want any part of that again.

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Vernon Davis Sports New Mohawk/Talks Contract Issue

Apparently, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis has a new do in camp-a mohawk. He even says he may dye it gold.

“Something to laugh about, keep guys laughing around here at training camp,” he says.

Maybe it’s to keep him laughing while he waits for a new contract. After all, last week Antonio Gates received a five-year contract extension, with $20.4 million guaranteed and $36 mil attached.


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