Lawsuit Claims Lincecum Trashed San Francisco Apartment

San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum is being sued to the tune of $200,000 dollars. He or his friends trashed his Mission District apartment, and the odd things about it is, his lease was over.

Was he mistreated and did this? Did somebody else vandalize the place and he’s getting the blame, or is this legit? If The Machine showed up, then anything is bound to happen.

Lincecum’s agent denies everything, and Timmy hasn’t made a comment either.

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Put Us Out Of Our Misery…

Of course it’s a dagger in the heart of the ever loyal Giants fans, who’ve grinded out every at-bat, every heartbreaking loss.  But come on, it’s been damned entertaining.  With the absolutely woeful, impotent offense… these guys should have finished in the cellar.  Only the pitching has kept them in contention for this long.  I mean, it seems like they’ve lost 100 games 2-1 or 1-0…. It happened over and over again.  I know, if Tim Lincecum had been with the Yankees, he’d be 21-6.  Same with Matt Cain. We get it.  But it’s a tough game, and there’s a fine line between an empty stadium and a packed house.  You played your asses off, and it didn’t work out.  So hold your heads high.  All in all, it’s been quite a ride.  Can’t wait for spring training.

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Witness To A Meltdown…

Don’t blame Tim Lincecum for those gopher balls he served up.  Here’s my take on the situation… The Giants have had a first class pitching staff, and a last place offense.  Sooner or later, the bottom drags down the top.  You just can’t ask a pitcher to throw a shutout every single game.  Giving up one run is fine… but when it gets to two, the roof caves in. He’s thinking “Oh no… we’re sunk now..”  You can see it in the body language.  It’s happened to Timmy, to Cain, to Vogelsong and to Mad Bum.  The shocking thing is they haven’t snapped… thrown tantrums, taken hostages.  And Shawn Estes says “Well, you can’t think that way.”  Guess what Sherlock, they’re all thinking that way, ‘cuz they’re human.  I’d bet the Huntington Beach Little Leaguers could take two out of three from the Giants.  I wish I was kidding…

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The Franchise Preview-8/17 Tim Lincecum

What we learn on tonight’s Showtime episode of The Franchise is how shy Tim Lincecum actually is. He’s not about the spotlight at all. His teammates comment, as well as Lincecum himself.

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Facing Tim Lincecum?… How Fun…

I’m not sure if this would be the ultimate honor or the ultimate humiliation.  Giants ace Tim Lincecum is challenging fans to a video competition in which they are asked to duplicate his unorthodox delivery on video… for an opportunity to hit against him at spring training next year.  Oh yeah, stepping in against the two-time Cy Young Award winner with the 94 mph fastball?  That should be tons of fun.  Entries are open through September 16.  Go to Actually, I’m hoping for a contest in which you can try and strike out Aaron Rowand. You might get more entries for that.

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Home Of The Brave.. Jackie Greene…

Okay, so Clayton Kershaw is untouchable.  What else is new?  The Giants lost a heartbreaker (again) yesterday to the mean old Dodgers, so naturally the Faithful were a little down.  But, except for one mistake… Tim Lincecum threw a gem, the home crowd gave a rousing welcome to new arrival Jeff Keppinger,  and Sergio Romo had the shut down performance of the year.  And a lot of fans are still buzzing about The Star Spangled Banner, played by local favorite Jackie Greene. I’ll tell you, it was terrific.  I haven’t seen any video of yesterday’s performance, but I did find his National Anthem from last summer.  Enjoy it here.

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Giants On A Roll…

The Faithful got through the All Star Break… and you’ve got to admit, we’re feeling pretty good.  Ryan Vogelsong was introduced as an All Star (unthinkable in the spring), Panda ripped a solid double to drive in a run, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain got to rest…. and The Beard slammed the door.  Props to Bruce Bochy for runnin’ the show his way.  Oh, and the Giants, even with their impotent offense….. still lead the NL West.  And if you need a little more excitement, don’t forget tonight’s premiere episode of the Giants docudrama “The Franchise” on SHOWTIME.  Get an inside look at some of the young season’s highs…. and lows, including one of the most talked about incidents of the year, the devastating injury to Buster Posey.

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Now I Have To Watch The All Star Game…

I guess the Major League All Star Game doesn’t carry the same weight as it did in the days of Henry Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente and Willie Mays.  Some guys just don’t seem to want to play.  They need the rest instead.  I understand.  But this time, I’m gonna see FIVE Giants introduced, along with Giants skipper Bruce Bochy and his staff.  While it’s great to see Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson make the roster, last minute addition Pablo Sandoval has really got to be in seventh heaven.  The kid nearly ate himself out of a job last season, and rode the bench a lot during that memorable post season run to the Championship.  But I think the best story is Ryan Vogelsong, the washed up big leaguer who was cut, toiled in mediocrity in the Japanese League… and was a walk-on in spring training.  I imagine Giants fans will have goose bumps when he’s introduced tomorrow night.  Ryan Vogelsong is an All Star.

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The Biggest Optical Illusion In Sports…

It’s been part of our viewing pleasure, practically since baseball was first televised.  It’s the centerfield camera shot.  You know… where we get to see the pitcher, the batter, the ump and the strike zone.  At least once a game, I’ll be thinking…. “You’ve gotta be kidding me… Can’t you hit that?”  or.. “Can’t you throw a strike?”  Well, from the pitcher’s perspective, it looks like you ought to be able to get it over the plate.  From the hitter’s perspective, it looks like you should at least make contact.  Neither are true.  I believe if most people stood on the pitcher’s mound, that strike zone would appear to be about the size of a first class stamp.  Yeah, there are plenty of places the ball will go…. that are not in the strike zone.  And I’m very sure that if you stood in the batter’s box, connecting with a 96 mph cutter would be the least of your problems…. ‘cuz I doubt you would even see the ball.  Well, I guess that’s why they call it The Big Leagues…

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Should Pablo Sandoval Catch When He Returns

The debate rages on. Should Pablo Sandoval become the Giants everyday catcher when he returns tomorrow? I’m not sure everyday is a good idea, although I think a spot start or two a week would be better. The one guy he should be catching is Tim Lincecum. The Freak won’t admit this, but the ERA tells the story. With Eli Whiteside catching, Lincecum’s ERA for his career is around 5. It’s half that for Bengie Molina and Buster Posey. Lately though Lincecum’s ERA with Whiteside is close to 8! Not to mention, Whiteside isn’t the best fielder of wild pitches or passed balls.

Asking Pablo to not only get re-acclimated, but handle a pitching staff is probably too much to ask. However, if the Giants lead starts to slip in the NL West in the next month or two, changes are going to have to be made.

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