49ers.. On An Unlikely Roll…

After The Bee’s Vic Contreras pointed out that, for the 49ers, this season feels a little like 1981..  how can you not get excited?  30 years ago, the Niners had come off a 6-10 season… after missing the playoffs for the eighth consecutive time.  This year, the 49ers are coming off a 6-10 season… after missing the playoffs for, uh… the eighth consecutive time.  We all know what happened in 1981.  The Bill Walsh-led Cinderella team went all the way to the Super Bowl… and won it.  I know, it’s way too early to think about anything beyond the next game.  But no one expected Jim Harbaugh’s guys to be 5-1 at this point.  Most of the “experts” picked the Rams to win the West.  And no, we don’t have Joe Montana.  But 1981 was long before Jerry Rice.  Their running back that year was Lenvil Elliott… and the tight end was Charle Young.  They were underdogs to the very end.  That’s the way we like it.  So whatever happens….at least 49er football is fun again.  I know we didn’t say that very much last year.

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ESPN Experts Weigh In-Say 49ers Could Be THE Team Next Year

The Green Bay Packers caught fire the last couple of months, and went all the way. Who could be that next team? Two ESPN analysts, coach Herm Edwards and our own Colin Cowherd picked the San Francisco 49ers next year. Not to say that the 49ers are going to the Super Bowl. However, both believed that with a decent quarterback, they could be the most improved team in football next season.

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NFL Damage Control.. Where Are My Seats?

The Super Bowl is over, but the NFL is still dealing with about 400 unhappy fans who lost their seats after the temporary seating at Cowboys Stadium was declared unsafe.  During the game, the displaced ticket holders did what I did… watched the game on TV.  Who wouldn’t be ticked off?  The league was offering refunds worth triple the face value of their tickets. Hilarious.  I’d want triple the value of the scalper’s price… and remuneration for the airfare and the ridiculous hotel rates I had to cough up.  The NFL is also inviting these fans to next year’s Super Bowl.  What if I’m a die-hard Packers fan and I just missed my chance to see history?  Unless my team returns to the Super Bowl, why the hell would I want to see next year’s game?  And another thing.  If Jerry Jones had spent a little less time trying to set the Super Bowl attendance record with that Party Plaza scam, and a little more time taking care of real ticket holders, this may not have happened.  Well, the NFL says they’re conducting “a thorough review.”  Which usually means.. “You’re out of luck.. have a great day.”

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Poor Christina Aguilera…

Is it the worst thing to botch the lyrics to the national anthem on the biggest stage in the world?  No.  It wasn’t the first time that an embarrassing gaffe has happened, and it won’t be the last.  And I don’t doubt that you love this country.  I also don’t doubt that you are what I thought you were:  a spoiled, self-centered diva… who has absolutely no sense of style, taste, or the appropriateness of the moment.  You had to make it all about you.  And the way things are these days… you’ll probably become more famous than ever.  But there are lots of dumbass entertainers who, for some reason, become spectacularly popular.  “Twilight’s last reaming??”  Pathetic.

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Aaron Rodgers Says Steve Young Helped Him Get Through Rough Times

When times were tough in Green Bay, and the 49ers passed on him, Aaron Rodgers turned to Steve Young for guidance. Waiting for Favre for Rodgers was like Young waiting for Montana, so Rodgers reached out.

Young says-“I told that him what’s really important is never, ever allow yourself the cheap thrill of saying something just to make yourself feel better for a moment because something is unfair or not right, Young told CNNSI. “That always backfires on you. It never works out in the long run.”

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Back To Leather Helmets.. Seriously?

In the current edition of HBO’s Real Sports, Bryant Gumbel visits with Troy Aikman. The former Super Bowl star knows a thing or two about head trauma, having suffered four or five or ten concussions in his illustrious career.  His take on the brutality of the game might surprise some.  Aikman:  “I think that we’re at a real crossroads, as it relates to the grassroots of our sport, because if I had a 10-year-old boy, I don’t know that I’d be real inclined to encourage him to play football, in light of what we’re learning about head injury.”  He went on to say.. “The only way you’re gonna eliminate helmet to helmet contact is to take the helmets off. Go back to leather helmets.  I mean, I think – a defensive player would be much less inclined to lead with his head, if he had no protection.”  I get the impression he wasn’t trying to be funny.   We’ve all seen the recent studies that seem to link head trauma in sports…. to early onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, even ALS.  And there’s nothing funny about that.

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Why the Whole Dallas Super Bowl Parking Lot Idea Is Dumb

Tom Nakashima does River City Rant on AM 1320 every Wednesday and Friday. In his latest edition, he discusses why the idea of charging people in the parking lot at the Super Bowl is dumb.


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