The Barry Zito Saga…

Wealthy beyond most people’s dreams, he’s been humiliated, vilified and blamed for every major disaster including the Lindbergh kidnapping.  Okay, it hasn’t been easy.  Barry Zito’s never whined, cursed the media or played the diva.  But it’s becoming increasingly clear that highest paid guy on your team can’t get anybody out.  This just in that’s hard to do with a belt high change-up or an 82 mph fastball.  He’s not a criminal.  He’s just not getting it done on the mound.  No matter how much money you have, that’s tough to swallow.  If I’m Bruce Bochy, I’d invent an injury and put you on the DL until September comes.  Oh wait… I guess that already happened.

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Freddy Sanchez Expected To Go Under the Knife

San Francisco Giants 2nd baseman Freddy Sanchez, who has been trying to rehab at his home in Arizona, is expected to go under the knife soon. GM Brian Sabean didn’t mince his words saying that Sanchez is “behind the eight-ball with each passing day.” You could probably bet with Jeff Keppinger and Orlando Cabrera added, the Giants would rather have Freddy get ready for next season.

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Carlos Beltran Deal Is Close To Done For the San Francisco Giants

The question all along has been, what would the San Francisco Giants be willing to part with to get Carlos Beltran. It looks like highly touted pitching prospect Zach Wheeler is one of those people, alongside center fielder Gary Brown.

How much the Mets are willing to cover in Beltran’s contract is also an issue. Obviously, how this plays out for Andres Torres, Cody Ross, Nate Schierholtz remains to be seen too. Beltran started his career in center, but has now been playing right field.

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Home Of The Brave.. Jackie Greene…

Okay, so Clayton Kershaw is untouchable.  What else is new?  The Giants lost a heartbreaker (again) yesterday to the mean old Dodgers, so naturally the Faithful were a little down.  But, except for one mistake… Tim Lincecum threw a gem, the home crowd gave a rousing welcome to new arrival Jeff Keppinger,  and Sergio Romo had the shut down performance of the year.  And a lot of fans are still buzzing about The Star Spangled Banner, played by local favorite Jackie Greene. I’ll tell you, it was terrific.  I haven’t seen any video of yesterday’s performance, but I did find his National Anthem from last summer.  Enjoy it here.

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The Giants Fan That Pouted Over a Foul Ball

Did you see the Giants kid that missed a foul ball last night? Subtlety isn’t his strong point. He was furious with his arms crossed. Well, Kruk and Kuip had a little fun with it, and then ended up giving him a ball later in the broadcast.

Watch how it all went down.

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Doctors Upgrade Condition For Beaten Giants Fan

It’s good to hear that Brian Stow, the beaten Giants fans condition is improving. Doctors have weened him off of two out of five medications he can follow certain commands and has now been upgraded from critical to serious. He is also now breathing without a ventilator.

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Barry Bonds Ex-Trainer Banned From Coaching Youth Baseball

Who surprised to learn that parents don’t want Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds’ trainer teaching their kids baseball? Anybody? You mean they don’t want their kids on The Cream?!

Well, that’s what happened in the Bay Area. One of the parents complained to the league about his involvement, and out he went. Oddly enough, this is the first year that that has happened. Did the parents not see the umpteen jail sentences for not testifying against Bonds?

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Should Pablo Sandoval Catch When He Returns

The debate rages on. Should Pablo Sandoval become the Giants everyday catcher when he returns tomorrow? I’m not sure everyday is a good idea, although I think a spot start or two a week would be better. The one guy he should be catching is Tim Lincecum. The Freak won’t admit this, but the ERA tells the story. With Eli Whiteside catching, Lincecum’s ERA for his career is around 5. It’s half that for Bengie Molina and Buster Posey. Lately though Lincecum’s ERA with Whiteside is close to 8! Not to mention, Whiteside isn’t the best fielder of wild pitches or passed balls.

Asking Pablo to not only get re-acclimated, but handle a pitching staff is probably too much to ask. However, if the Giants lead starts to slip in the NL West in the next month or two, changes are going to have to be made.

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San Francisco Giants Named Professional Sports Team of the Year

For what it’s worth, Sports Business Journal has named the San Francisco Giants the Professional Sports Team of the Year. How can you not give it to them? They scrapped their lineup together off the waiver wire and everything clicked.

“We are pleased to honor the visionaries who are driving the sports industry with our fourth annual Sports Business Awards,” says Richard Weiss, publisher of the SportsBusiness Journal and SportsBusiness Daily. “The winners and nominees being honored tonight are pushing innovation with smart thinking and creative approaches.”

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Barry Bonds Post-Trial Hearing Moved

Barry Bonds post trial hearing was supposed to take place on Friday. It’s now been delayed until June 17th. The reason-prosecutors want more time to consider if they should retry him on several of the charges. Also, it gives Bonds lawyers a chance to prepare for the possibility of a retrial.

Bonds could face up to 10 years in prison on the obstruction conviction.

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