Watch As Giants Catcher Buster Posey Gives An Update on His Rehab

Buster Posey is always level headed. You aren’t going to hear him scream and yell and do cart wheels over anything. He uses that typical, even keeled approach when talking about his rehab, and how it’s going in Arizona. It seems like he’s making really good progress, and doesn’t want to focus on the past.

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Boston Cleans House…

Wait… didn’t Terry Francona and GM Theo Epstein help the Boston Red Sox win two World Series after they hadn’t sniffed a Championship in a hundred years?  Oh well, anyone can have a good decade.  Rick Adelman was there for the Kings’ best years.  Let’s run him out.  Steve Mariucci?  The last guy to take the 49ers to a playoff win.  We’re making some changes.  Bill Neukom?  Ten months after The Parade down Market Street… who does he think he is?  I know, you raise the bar so high… expectations change.  Everybody gets hypercritical.  Fans, sportswriters, the big wigs.  Even Christopher Columbus, after opening the door to the New World… was shackled and sent to prison.  I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Thuuhhhh Yankees Wiiinnnnn!.. Oh Wait…

Yeah, the three highest payrolls in baseball are done.. finished for the season.  And though Alex Rodriguez took it like a man, to see the highest paid guy in the universe make the final out somehow felt righteous to the Yankee Haters. And the Red Sox collapse? Please.  Well, Terry Francona must’ve gotten stupid.  You won’t have him to kick around anymore.  Oh, and the Phillies? I get the impression they’re still bitter that the San Francisco Giants embarrassed them last year.  The Giants had to have been a fluke, as if they stole their rightful crown.  So this year would be different… Philadelphia put together the best starting staff in baseball.  All that got you is a seat on the sidelines.  How do you like the view?  Now it’s down to the Tigers, Rangers, Brewers and Cardinals.  To be World Champions, just about everything has to go right in October.  For only one of them, everything will.

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Lawsuit Claims Lincecum Trashed San Francisco Apartment

San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum is being sued to the tune of $200,000 dollars. He or his friends trashed his Mission District apartment, and the odd things about it is, his lease was over.

Was he mistreated and did this? Did somebody else vandalize the place and he’s getting the blame, or is this legit? If The Machine showed up, then anything is bound to happen.

Lincecum’s agent denies everything, and Timmy hasn’t made a comment either.

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Red Sox Nation.. Seeing Red…

And I thought the Giants Faithful were a little down.  They’re downright giddy compared to what Boston Red Sox fans must be feeling today.  What happened last night, the culmination of a horrendous free fall… was cruelty personified.  They went into September with a nine game lead.. and squandered it away.  No matter how you try and explain it… injuries, weariness, bad karma, the moon not in alignment… you can’t go 7-20 down the stretch and expect a parade.  And the Atlanta Braves, who had a ten game lead over the Cardinals in late August… couldn’t gather any momentum, and lost their final five games.  Goodnight.  The offseason can be long, cold stretch.  It’s especially lonely when you can’t help but feel.. that you choked.

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Bryan Stow Goes Outside For 1st Time in 6 Months

They went from hearing Bryan Stow whisper “I Love You” to his kids a couple of weeks ago, to taking his first walk outside in over 6 months. It’s truly an amazing story of recovery that deserves it’s own day next year at AT&T Park.

Stow was said to look directly at the sun and say “it’s magical.” It sounds like he still speaking in small thoughts, rather than full conversations, but his memory is sharp, and his sense of humor is intact.

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Put Us Out Of Our Misery…

Of course it’s a dagger in the heart of the ever loyal Giants fans, who’ve grinded out every at-bat, every heartbreaking loss.  But come on, it’s been damned entertaining.  With the absolutely woeful, impotent offense… these guys should have finished in the cellar.  Only the pitching has kept them in contention for this long.  I mean, it seems like they’ve lost 100 games 2-1 or 1-0…. It happened over and over again.  I know, if Tim Lincecum had been with the Yankees, he’d be 21-6.  Same with Matt Cain. We get it.  But it’s a tough game, and there’s a fine line between an empty stadium and a packed house.  You played your asses off, and it didn’t work out.  So hold your heads high.  All in all, it’s been quite a ride.  Can’t wait for spring training.

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Winning.. Can Be A Problem…

I agree with Monty Poole of the San Jose Mercury News.. who’s recent story suggests that success can be hazardous to your career.  Yeah, prosperity can be costly.  The Golden State Warriors had gone years without sniffing the playoffs.  Then, not long after upsetting top seed Dallas one year, GM Chris Mullin was gone.  The last time the 49ers won the NFC West, they actually made it to the second round of the playoffs.  Not good enough… Steve Mariucci was fired.  Rick Adelman had a marvelous run with the Sacramento Kings, and he was then run out of town.  The Giants took it to Game Seven of the 2002 World Series.  What happened to the manager, Dusty Baker?  Oh, gone.  And now, not even a year removed from the uncontrolled euphoria down Market Street, the World Series Champions’ top guy, Bill Neukom, has been escorted out of the building.  So there it is.  Give it all you’ve got… play your heart out… then watch your back.

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As the Giants’ season comes to an end, those of us who’ve lived and died with every pitch know the highs and lows of trying to do the near impossible… repeat as World Series Champions.  But they sure have been fun to watch.  There are new kids coming into their own.. Brett Pill, Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford and Madison Bumgarner.  And Ryan Vogelsong has been the feel-good story of the year.  But I don’t think I’ve seen anyone play the game with more joy, more enthusiasm than the Panda.  Pablo Sandoval. He looks like he embraces every moment of every inning with a free-spirited, unapologetic love of the game, and it infuses those around him with the same spirit.  The other night, I saw his reaction when a teammate hit a home run.  With legs that must be bone-weary, the Panda jumped so high, his head hit the top of the dugout.  Watching Panda.. has been a joy.  Now, Brandon Belt?  He’s kinda dour.

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The Scoop…

With so many beat writers following the San Francisco Giants, there’s naturally a lot of overlapping coverage.  That’s fine with us fans, who want to hear, see and read every morsel of every little detail about the Orange and Black.  But when it all hit the fan yesterday, only one guy, Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News, broke the stunning story. Mark’s homework obviously paid off, and he had the scoop of the year….that Giants’ managing general partner and chief executive officer Bill Neukom was out as head honcho, after a fallout with the Executive Committee of the Giants’ ownership group.  Derek Moore and I were talking about the fact that anyone can be a blogger… anyone can tweet whatever they want.  But this is old school journalism… a lot of digging, prodding, protecting sources and sifting through what’s fact and what isn’t.  Nice work, Mark.  By the way, the company line is that this is a “retirement.”  Hilarious.

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