Raiders Update-Injuries/Soldout Broncos and More

Alright Raider fans…here’s your latest update for Sunday for the Denver Broncos game. First of all,  you have to wonder about the health of Darren McFadden. He could be ready to go, but I think they’re going to preserve him for next Thursday’s game against the San Diego Chargers. Why not? You have Michael Bush ready to go. Kevin Boss and Marcel Reece look like they’re good to go on Sunday but Will Sebastian Janikowski or Rolando McClain be available? It also looks like Sunday’s game is pretty close to selling out. That would be four home games in a row, which hasn’t happened since 2008.

It will be interesting to see how much Carson Palmer has improved over the bye and what T.J. Houshmandzadeh looks like too.

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Who Do the Raiders Turn To For A GM?

Al Davis hinted over the last few years that he might look at a General Manager for the Oakland Raiders. For some reason, it didn’t materialize. Many names are coming out as rumored possibilities including Bill Parcells, John Madden, Jon Gruden and Tom Flores. Could it be a less sexier name that no one is considering? The two John’s (Jon’s) in this scenario are obviously the most intriguing on paper, especially with their past history. Then again, would a 75 year old John Madden be a good choice? Does he want to deal with this day’s players and agents? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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Raiders/Patriots Game a Sellout For Sunday

For the first time since 2008, the Oakland Raiders have sold out two consecutive games. One of those games was against the Tom Brady-less Patriots. Now Brady returns healthy, and carving up the league. Of course, he is a Bay Area native, so this might be extra special to win. Not to mention his team collapsed against Buffalo last week, so he’s going to be extra focused this week. Good news for Raiders fans. Darren McFadden is showing no lingering effects from groin tightness.

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Libya, Britain, Candlestick Park…

Going to an NFL game is supposed to be exhilarating.  The tailgate party, the steamy scrumptious hot dogs… cheering your team on in the crisp cold air.  What the heck has happened?  There have been loud, boisterous fans at football games for a hundred years… but things have changed. Does a family actually feel safe when some burly dudes in the next row are screaming obscenities at each other the entire game?  I used to laugh when I saw scenes of soccer violence in Europe… with some fans actually sequestered behind cages.  It’s not so funny now.  I don’t know what the answer is… but the best view of the game might be from my couch.

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Jed York: “18-game season would curb fan violence”

Yes, that was Jed York this morning trying to dig himself out of the fan violence at the 49ers/Raiders game Saturday night. He did say the right things about hiring more security, but there’s one thing he said has been getting some play. He thinks that expanding the NFL Season to 18 games would actually decrease violence. How do you add games and actually not have more of anything? His logic-The season ticket holders aren’t in attendance at preseason games, and if you lower that schedule to two, and give those to the regular season, you would have a more stable group of people in the stands. Basically, he’s saying people that have shelled out a fortune aren’t going to ruin it for themselves, and be out all of that cash because they punched someone in the face. Do you honestly think that suddenly it’s going to be a peaceful mecca at Candlestick because there’s season ticket holders around? Unless it’s all season ticket holders in attendance-which isn’t the case, there’s no way you can convince anyone with a brain that a Raiders/49ers matchup at any point in the season or out, wouldn’t result in some kind of violence. However, it would just be at a more controlled degree. You wouldn’t have the guy that’s getting beaten in the bathroom being ignored because all units were out of the stadium dealing with the violence in the parking lot. As overreactions come pouring in to Jed’s simple quote of greed, if you really dig down deeper into the story it makes a lot more sense.

It looks like one move is already being made-no more 49ers/Raiders preseason match-ups.

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Could the Raiders Leave For L.A. Again?

Anschutz Entertainment Group’s Tim Leiweke says he has talked to five teams about moving into a proposed new stadium and one of them is the Oakland Raiders. The Vikings, Chargers, Rams and Jags are also on the list. You never know if the Raiders would pull the trigger again, but obviously the stadium they are in now is not a great fit. Another possibility is the shared stadium with the San Francisco 49ers.

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49ers Release Preseason Dates and Times

The full details have been released on the 49ers preseason dates and times. Their first game will be on the road against the New Orleans Saints on Friday, August 12th at 5pm our time. Then back to back Saturday night games at home against Oakland and Houston. Followed by a game at San Diego on September 1st.

Get the full details.

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Former Oakland Raiders Lineman Gets Five Years in Prison

Barret Robbins, the former Pro Bowl center for the Oakland Raiders, who threw his NFL career away, has been sentenced to five years in Florida prison, for a drug-related probation violation. A judge in Miami ordered Robbins in jail, more than a year after crack cocaine was found in Robbins’ car near Dallas.

This was the same guy who didn’t play in the 2003 Super Bowl against Tampa Bay after disappearing before the game. Then he showed up incoherent the night before. He also tested positive for steroid use.

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Did The Raiders Overpay For Routt?

The Oakland Raiders decided not to overspend on Nnamdi Asomugha, so they decided to overspend for Stanford Routt instead? They weren’t exactly in a bidding war with anybody. He is a versatile corner, but we will have to see if they paid too much. The deal is said to be worth 3-years, $31.5 million with $20 million for the first two years. So what’s Nnamdi worth now?

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Mike Florio Talks About Chad Ochocinco/Hue Jackson’s Relationship

Hue Jackson’s love affair with Chad Ochocinco, or Johnson, or whatever he is, is quite fascinating. For the “look at me” disaster that Ocho can be or has been, it’s a little bit surprising that Hue would leap out praising the wideout. Especially when you take Marvin Lewis’ thoughts into consideration.

Mike Florio below offers his take.

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