A’s Will Open 2012 Season in Japan

If you’re an Oakland A’s fan, are you happy that the A’s could start out sluggish after a trip to Japan? I know it’s nice to get exposure, but not when you have a lot of work to do. The other concern is whether Hideki Matsui will even be on the roster. In fact, many players might be out including Josh Willingham and Coco Crisp.

Look for it against Seattle at the Tokyo Dome on March 28 and 29th.

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Hideki Matsui Clears Waivers For the A’s

If you’re the Oakland A’s do you try to rid yourself of one of the hottest players in baseball? If he’s 37 and a free agent after the year, and your team is going nowhere, then the answer is yes.

Hideki Matsui has cleared waivers, so it looks like the A’s may look for a trade. Will anybody be buying? 

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Oakland A’s Hire Former Player/Manager Phil Garner as Special Advisor

Phil Garner, who started his baseball career as a player for the Oakland A’s, has now been hired as a special assistant. He will be in uniform tonight and be a part of the team for several games this season. He also managed for 16 years, and many on twitter have wondered whether this is a backup plan for Bob Melvin. Kind of like how the Raiders hired Hue Jackson behind Tom Cable. Stay tuned.

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Billy Beane Tells Suzuki To Not Take Hit At The Plate

Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane has decided to tell his catcher, Kurt Suzuki to handle things differently at home plate. Instead of risking injury ala Buster Posey, he told Suzuki to avoid it by using the sweep tag. He told ESPN, “‘I don’t want you planting yourself in front of the plate waiting to get creamed. You’re an athletic catcher — be athletic.'”

You have to wonder how may other GM’s went out and told their players this, and whether it’s right or wrong. Fans want a rule change, but it seems a lot of players say it’s part of the game. It will be interesting to see what that looks like next time Suzuki is put in that position.

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A’s Pitcher Braden Has Season Ending Shoulder Surgery

In a blow to the stellar Oakland A’s pitching staff, left-hander Dallas Braden had successful surgery to repair his left shoulder this morning in New York City. He is expected to miss the remainder of the 2011 season. Braden was 1-1 with a 3.00 ERA this season.

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The A’s Looking at The Giants Formula For Success

When the San Francisco Giants went out and got Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell, Cody Ross and succeeded, it raised many eyebrows. That goes for the Oakland A’s as well, who did their own version of that in the offseason. They signed Hideki Matsui, David DeJesus and Josh Willingham. With the talent that they have on their young pitching staff, and additions in the bullpen, the A’s are a contender in the AL West.

USA Today has the full story.

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The San Francisco Giants Have Two Players In Top 20 Most Sold Jerseys List

If you were to take a stab at who’s hot on the Major League Baseball list of most sold jerseys, who would you pick? First of all, I couldn’t believe the #1 pick. 2nd, there are a ton of young players on this list. 12 of the Top 20 are under the age of 30. No Oakland A’s made the list, but two Giants did (not Brian Wilson). One Giant is in the Top 10 (not Aaron Rowand).

Get the list here.

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A’s Confirm Crisp Arrest On DUI

The Oakland Athletics have released a statement regarding Coco Crisp’s drunk driving arrest last night. It reads-“Coco Crisp was arrested and detained early this morning under the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. He was released from the City of Scottsdale Jail this morning and arrived at Phoenix Municipal Stadium on time for team pre-game drills. The A’s are aware of the situation and take such matters seriously.The team and Coco will have no further comment until further details are available.” Will the team suspend him? We shall see.

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Brian Fuentes Deal Is Done With the A’s

The A’s have officially landed four-time All-Star Brian Fuentes. The deal is said to be for two years at $10 million.

Fuentes has been solid throughout his career. He is great in pressure situations, and has a nice fastball. Being a lefty, he also is very good at holding runners on. He’s held batters to a .209 average or lower in four of the last five seasons.

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