Bryant Gumbel.. What Were You Thinking?

One of my favorite shows is Real Sports on HBO, which seems to pop up once a month.  Investigative pieces, player profiles, behind the scenes stories.. they’re always top notch, and well worth finding.  But this month’s commentary by Bryant Gumbel on the status of the NBA lockout is what’s drawing a lot of heat.  He made reference to NBA Commissioner David Stern as “a modern day plantation overseer.”  Yikes.  Are you kidding?  A slavery reference?  You obviously knew that would light a fire.  Well, if you just wanted to get Real Sports some attention… you certainly got your wish.  I don’t suppose this discussion will die down anytime soon.  Shaun Powell of writes, “You can disagree with his tactics and his strategy and his idea of what makes for a financially stable NBA.  But you can’t, under any circumstances, compare the most progressive commissioner in sports to a slave owner.”

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Watch Ron Artest’s 1st Dance on Dancing With the Stars

I’m no dance expert, but I would say Ron Artest, or whatever his Metta name is, was a little stiff on Dancing with the Stars. Hear is his first dance. I’ll let you be the judge.

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Kings Arena Plan for Funding Coming Sept. 8th

Who’s going to pay for the nearly $400 million Kings Entertainment and Sports Complex? How much will be coming from the Maloofs, and public and private sectors will finally be revealed on September 8th.

Then look for a more detailed report September 13th that will be sent to the City Council.

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Lakers Roll To Finals.. Oh Wait…

Who’s that?  Peja? Oh, he’s shooting for Dallas!  Every time he drained a three, I couldn’t help but think that he sent some Kings fans into a major state of arousal.  Nope, I was sure the Lakers would come back, as they had done so many times before.  Come on… they’re the two-time defending champions.  But nooo…not this time.  You got punked… swept in four.  So there won’t be any fawning over Kobe, for a little while anyway.  And how ‘bout the player ejections for those thuggish fouls?  Nice walk-off Lakers…. gutless and heartless.  Stay classy.

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David Stern Comments On Kevin Johnson, Kings Staying

It’s been a wild couple of days in the news department, hasn’t it? The cherry on top is the news that the Sacramento Kings are staying, at least for another season.

Everybody had press conferences today. Did Charlie Sheen and Barack Obama hold press conferences on the Kings arena too? I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. Here’s highlights of David Stern’s conference call and Kevin Johnson speaking this morning. has it.

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Keith Smart Is Out As Warriors Coach

As rumored, the Golden State Warriors have officially decided not to bring back Keith Smart. He had an option for next season. Smart was a favorite with the players, and improved the wins by 10 over last season. However, the new management felt they still gave up too many points per game, and will look elsewhere. Ric Bucher says Phil Jackson?

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Kings.. You’ll Miss These Fans…

I guess the sad truth is that Marcos Breton is right, when he wrote “If the Kings leave Sacramento after 26 years, it’s not because any one person is at fault or the community failed.  The NBA simply doesn’t work in Sacramento…”  We’re a small market, not enough corporate money, no mega TV deal… the same story we’ve heard over and over again about cities not named New York, LA or Miami.  And as the final games play out in what will likely be the last Kings season in Sacramento, I realize that they really have left a legacy.  Come on, the thrilling moments… with Vlade, CWebb, Mike Bibby, the Conference Finals.. are too many to count.  And when it was so loud at Arco you couldn’t even think.. well that just doesn’t happen everywhere.  So it doesn’t matter if you move to Anaheim, Kansas City, Jackson Hole or the Ukraine… you’ll never have fans like you’ve had in Sacramento.  26 years.  All in all, it’s been a pretty good run.

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NBA Players Save A Life…

Until last week, the details of this story (originally reported by Gary Woelfel of were not widely known.  Seven years ago, former Los Angeles Clippers coach Kim Hughes was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  A biopsy showed  his cancer was much worse than he believed, and after finding out the Clippers organization (the evil Donald Sterling) would not cover the cost of surgery, some of his players stepped up.  Corey Maggette, Marko Jaric, Chris Kamen and Elton Brand quietly and without fanfare… chipped in to pay for the expensive surgery that would save the life of their friend and coach.  As for Donald Sterling, his pathetic record speaks for itself.

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Welcome To Palookaville…

The Kings were tough last night against the Magic.  They played their hearts out and came up a little short.  It’s the story of the season.  Well, not the big story, which is that they’re probably on their way out.  I can’t help but watch these games with sadness, with regret… that smart people couldn’t find a way to keep our team here.  I agree with Marcos Breton, that this should have all been worked out before the eleventh hour.  Yeah, it’s complicated, but I know how Kansas City fans must have felt when their Kings left town.  But at least they still have the Royals and the Chiefs.  And now Kansas City does have a new basketball arena… and they still can’t get an NBA team.  Right now, Hartford, Connecticut is the largest media market without a major sports franchise.  So I guess we’ll take over that distinction. Dubious.  With all due respect, we’re about to become Modesto.  Oh, and I hear that LA fans are dying to have the Kings.  Right.  That interest level is on fire… right after the Lakers, Dodgers, Angels, Clippers, Trojans, Bruins, Ducks, Pluto, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Knott’s Berry Farm and Charlie Sheen.  Then the Kings.  Yeah, you’ll be big news in LA.  Hilarious.  Up here in Palookaville?   We’ll live.  But it won’t be the same.

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There’s No Crying In Basketball…

So the Miami Heat have lost their last four.   They’re pressing, they’re rattled… they’re giving away opportunities.  Yeah, life is tough in the NBA.  And immediately in the spotlight was head coach Erik Spoelstra, who admitted that some of his players were bawling in the locker room  after their latest late-game choke job.  There’s nothing wrong with getting emotional…. with wanting to win.  Guys cry all the time… that’s no big deal.  What surprised me  was when coach Spoelstra seemed utterly shocked that the media would make “crying” the headline.  Are you nuts?  I knew that would be the lead story as soon as I heard the clip.  If you don’t want to be the star of “The Crying Game,” then shut the hell up. Columnist Jason Whitlock has a great story here.

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