Jose Guillen’s Next Move-Possible Retirement

You think the Giants want Jose Guillen back? Mr. “I didn’t make the playoff roster, so I’m gonna pout at home?!” Yeah, I don’t think so. In fact, Guillen probably buried his career officially, after that stunt. So, now what? It looks like he’s having his agent field for offers. If Guillen doesn’t get one in the next week, he’s going to retire. You know what, GOOD! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, loser! I guess he won’t be needing that HGH anymore.

via ESPN Deportes

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A Nice Write-Up On Madison Bumgarner

It’s nice to see that success didn’t go to Madison Bumgarner’s head. The San Francisco Giants pitcher says that he’s taken the exact same approach this year, as he did last year. He says he doesn’t expect anything to be handed to him. Isn’t that the attitude you want on a championship ball club?  Especially, coming from a 21-year old?

A nice article with some good quotes from his teammates here.

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Cody Ross To Bat 8th For the Giants this Season

It looks like Bruce Bochy will do the smart thing, and leave Cody Ross in the 8th spot in the lineup. That’s where he was most productive this season, including the postseason. Ross is also known for being a streaky hitter. Obviously, we haven’t seen the down turn yet as a Giant.

Read more…

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The Royals Give A’s the Win Today, 4-3

The Royals gift wrapped an A’s victory today with two crucial errors and allowing a four-run sixth inning. Brett Anderson got his first victory since May, which is nice to see.


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Bengie Molina Holds Firm-Says He’ll Retire Next Season

Bengie Molina said it earlier this season. Now he’s saying it again. After a hot start, where he is 9th in the league in batting, he’s telling anyone who will listen, if he isn’t starting for the San Francisco Giants next season, he’s retiring. It’s hard to argue with what he’s done so far. He’s been so impressive that he’s been moved back to cleanup spot in the batting order. Even his defense has improved this year. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion, Buster Posey lurks just around the corner.

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That Giants Chair Kicking Incident Will Cost Ryan Madson

Remember when Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Ryan Madson decided to blow another save against the Giants last week? Maybe you noticed that he kicked a chair that was sitting in the tunnel. Well, the genius has now broken his toe because of it. A pin and a plate inserted into his toe! You think it may be time for a little anger management?

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