4-1 With No Respect

written by ESPN 1320’s resident Niners Homer, Andy Hawk

No one wants to read me bragging about how I’m the only one on the planet who has predicted the 49ers start.  I know I don’t.  The 49ers are 4-1 and have looked better every week.  The last two seasons the Niners were predicted to win the division;  they had the most talent in the NFC West, and it made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, Singletary proved to be the worst coach in the NFL, which led to severe underachievement in the city by the bay.  This year they signed a half dozen quality free agents, and had a decent draft.  It’s like no one saw this coming.  They’re now more talented, with VERY good coaching.  Harbaugh is not only a much better head coach than Singletary, but most importantly, his staff is exponentially better with Greg Roman and Vic Fangio.  So, no, this great start at 4-1 was not unforeseeable.  The really exciting part is that these wins are coming out of division with a 2-0 start on the road.


Which brings us to this week… Niners and Lions, the game of the week.  4-1 vs. 5-0.  We have learned nothing is impossible for the 2011 49ers.  Subtract one long play from Megatron last Monday night, and one long run from Jahvid Best, (and honestly the Lions did not look like some imposing force), and both teams would be 4-1.  Detroit’s last opponent, the Chicago Bears, offensive line has looked as bad as any team in the NFL, and they still ran the ball well on Detroit.  By the way the Cowboys and the Vikings moved the ball pretty easily, too.  With a 49er offensive line and running game putting it all together over the last two weeks I see the Lions having their hands full.  I’m Andy Hawk, your Niners Homer and I can’t wait for 10:00am Sunday on ESPN 1320.

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The Hug…

Alex Smith.. a resurrection?  Too early to tell.  But this was huge for him… seven years of underachieving, and now he wins?  Sure he was only 15 for 20, but what was more significant was what DIDN’T happen:  He didn’t fumble, throw an interception, get sacked…. or run out of time getting a play call in.   It’s only one game, but The Jim Harbaugh Era has begun.. and this means way more than just beating the Seahawks.  Things have changed, and here’s how I know…  It was The Hug. When Alex came to the bench following his touchdown plunge, the coach hugged his quarterback as if he’d just won Dancing With The Stars.  I thought he was gonna French Kiss him.  That moment told me this team has moved on… from the darkness of Singletary-Nolan-Erickson to something resembling hope.  Yeah, Dallas is coming in and we could lose to the Cowboys 45-3… so what?  For the moment, the 49ers are tied for first place.  And after what we’ve seen the last few years, isn’t that worth a hug?

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Should Frank Gore Be a ’49er For Life’

I give credit to Jim Harbaugh. He’s playing the press perfectly in this Frank Gore contract talk. Singletary would’ve said “Frank Gore’s contact? I have to go look at the film.” Harbaugh says it’s “water cooler talk” and he doesn’t see any ill will from Gore in camp. Perfect.

So is it smart for the 49ers to give Gore a lifetime contact as Trent Baalke says? Is a running back who’s 29 that hasn’t played a full season in six years worth DeAngelo Williams money? (five years, $43 million, $21 million guaranteed). I’m thinking “no” unless it’s half loaded in incentives, like his current contract. Maybe 2-3 years would be reasonable with a nice signing bonus?

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49ers Are Trying To Trade Taylor Mays

One bone of contention between Mike Singletary and 49ers GM Trent Baalke last year was drafting Taylor Mays. This was a Singletary pick all the way. Baalke was said to not want him. You have to wonder, if Pete Carroll, who coached Mays in college passed, why didn’t the 49ers?

So, do the 49ers have a buyer where Singletary is now coaching in Minnesota? What would you get for an underachieving rookie? We shall see how this one plays out.

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The Harbaugh Era.. It’s On…

I know, it’s been hard to watch the sinking ship known as the 49ers these past few seasons.  Nolan’s awful… Singletary’s a disaster… how can you bring Alex Smith back!  You’ve heard it all.  And now, Takeo Spikes is shown the door… and say goodbye to center David Baas.  The dominos are beginning to fall as summer camp finally gets rolling, and more are falling by the minute.  Is there a lot of room for improvement?  Of course..  and this is a monstrous work in progress.  But in my view, the wild card is Jim Harbaugh. The new coach is just nutty enough… passionate, wound-up and committed to a fault to make a difference in these underachievers.  The 49ers won all of 6 games last year.  But 7 games won the division.   SEVEN!  So who’s playbook do you want out there, Harbaugh’s… or Singletary’s?  I rest my case.

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Mike Singletary Talks With Colin Cowherd

I know a lot of you 49ers fans don’t want to hear the words Mike or Singletary used in the same sentence, ever again. I’m kind of right there with you. What intrigues me most about him, is how he’s been rumored to chose who he likes in interviews. In other words, if he respects you, then he will deliver on the answer front. If he doesn’t, then you’re going to get a whole lot of nothing, and maybe even a combative nature.

So, I wondered what he would do with Colin Cowherd, or if Singletary had even ever heard of him before. You should get some respect right off the top for being a featured host on ESPN Radio everyday, right?!

They talked about several things including the 1985 Bears, Alex Smith and his take on an 18-game season.


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David Baas Suffers Concussion On First Day of 49er Camp

David Baas, who suffered an injury on the first day of training camp last year, has done it again this year. This time it’s a concussion, and Singletary has already said Baas won’t be participating for awhile.

Read more….

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