Warriors Charity Game Is a Great Idea For NBA Teams

If you haven’t heard I think this Matt Barnes charity game he’s trying to put on is genius. He’s setting up a matchup between the 2007 “We Believe” team and the current Warriors roster. Talk about fun to watch. Why can’t the Kings do this with the “White Chocolates” against the current players? If this NBA strike is going to cause ill will between the fans and the owners and players, these charity games may soften the blow. I know a few players have done pickup games. That’s just not enough, especially if anymore games are lost.

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Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Tied to Alleged Drug Kingpin

This is the kind of news that the Golden State Warriors franchise doesn’t need-new coach Mark Jackson has ties to an alleged drug kingpin. I never thought I’d say this, but Nellie is actually starting to look good again. If you’re the new ownership group, trying to set the tone for a new era for the franchise, boy, this is setting it alright. Maybe guru Jerry West will polish it up all sparkly clean.

Warren Braithwaite is the guy in question. He has been accused of being the kingpin of a massive marijuana distribution chain that brought drugs in from Mexico into Arizona to turn into a bigger operation. Do you think the Warriors are saying, “BUT if he could rebound!”

Braithwaite is in jail, while he waits for a trial date. Still no word from Mark Jackson, although we do know this friend of his was with him at the press conference announcing he was leaving broadcasting. 4 days later he was arrested.  Radar Online has more about the relationship.

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The New York Times Looks At Warriors Coach Mark Jackson

There’s a nice article on Mark Jackson, the former player/broadcaster and now Golden State Warriors coach in the New York Times. My first impression? He has fans in his players from his TV work. When Klay Thompson is talking about what chemistry Jeff Van Gundy and Jackson had or “hand down, man down,” I’m thinking he’s going to be coachable. Let’s see if the rest of the team will follow suit.

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Warriors Not Shopping Ellis/Biedrins

If you’re a Golden State Warriors fan, does it excite you to hear that they aren’t going to make a big splash in the trade market? According to an interview with Warriors GM Larry Riley in SI, he expects the team to stay the same, with a couple of additions via free agency. No monster deals. With Mark Jackson’s point guard expertise, the Monta Ellis, Step Curry marriage could work. Get a bigger 2 off the bench and you might be in good shape, ala the Dallas Mavericks.

Holding on to Biedrins though might be a mistake. He hasn’t been solid in three seasons? Of course, would anybody want him? Riley said Biedrins sounds more amped over the phone than he’s heard in years. Hopefully Mark Jackson’s enthusiasm will change the culture in Golden State.

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Warriors Bring In “The Logo…”

So the Warriors have brought in a guy.  Not just any guy.  They’ve secured the services of Hall of Famer Jerry West, who’ll now join their executive board.  Yeah, there’s a reason Jerry West is the model for the NBA logo..  he’s a badass.  I know he’s had a long career as an exec, but in ancient times, oh he could play.  I was shocked that his bio lists him as 6’ 2”… because he was a giant on the court.   When he starred with the Lakers, I once saw him cross half court, take a dribble and hit nothing but net.  Then he did it again.  In those days, there was no three-point line… and I wonder how many points he would have accumulated had there been one.  So Jerry West is a Warrior.  Sounds weird.  They’ll get used to it.

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Keith Smart Is Out As Warriors Coach

As rumored, the Golden State Warriors have officially decided not to bring back Keith Smart. He had an option for next season. Smart was a favorite with the players, and improved the wins by 10 over last season. However, the new management felt they still gave up too many points per game, and will look elsewhere. Ric Bucher says Phil Jackson?

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The Golden State Warriors Mid Season Report Card


Where would you rank the Golden State Warriors at this point in the season? Keith Smart has done a real nice job with the ballclub. There’s good chemistry in the locker room, and the team added some toughness with David Lee. They have made some major improvements, with the ownership group and Nellie out of the picture too.

SB Nation has graded every player on the roster. See if you agree.


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Golden State Warriors Are Rumored To Be Interested in Nene

How great would it be if the Golden State Warriors could fix the need for an inside threat? The rumor is that they are looking at Nene from the Denver Nuggets, who is averaging close to 16 points per game. It would be a risky move though, considering Nene is in the final year of his contact.

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