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Next Up For the Giants-The Barry Zito Question

If you ask anybody in management for the Giants about the future of Barry Zito, they all say the same thing. Something to the effect of “I have no idea.” In the case of Bruce “Slingblade” Bochy insert a grumble at the beginning of that quote and a “mmmm hmmm” at the end.

Basically, Zito is owed a truckload of money and simply letting him go would be extremely expensive. $19 million next season, $20 million in 2013, and a $7 million buyout in 2014. That’s $46 million to make him go away. However, if he’s not going to be healthy, or when he is he’s non productive, it’s something that the Giants have to consider.

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The Day It Ended…

Sunday was a Ryan Vogelsong gem.. maybe his finest performance of the year.  In front of a packed house (as every home game is), the series clincher with the D-backs was a microcosm of the season of 2011.  A Giants pitcher puts it on the line and gets absolutely no support when he needs it most.  When you’re last in just about every offensive category, what do you expect?  Pathetic, heartbreaking… and hard to watch.  So what now?  Well, suck it up… give the youngsters some experience, play your ass off and hold your head high.  It’s been a hell of a run.

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The Shakeup…

Though people have been grumbling about Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada for weeks (or months), it was still a bombshell when they were shown the door yesterday.  Check out Andrew Baggarly’s excellent piece here…. And Mark Purdy’s here. The moment the story hit, the change in body language was palpable… the bounce in the step was back.  And I’m talking about the fans.  The players?  Well, they went out and won a game.. and actually looked like they were having fun.  To say Rowand has not performed is the understatement of the year, and you get the impression he wasn’t exactly a breath of fresh air in the clubhouse.  As for Tejada, Bruce Jenkins said “He hung himself the other day when he said, glumly, ‘I just work here’….  explaining why he didn’t run hard to first base when asked to bunt… but that’s the attitude of a quitter.”  Some managers would have cut him right there.  Matter of fact, the moment after Miggie completes his slow trot to first base,  I envision a golf cart arriving with all his bags packed.  It picks him up….whisks him down the line and through a gate in the right field fence.  Goodbye and Good Luck.

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Giants Make Major Moves Today-Rowand/Tejada Sent Packing

Well, you could argue that the Giants should have had the guts to do this weeks ago, but they finally made a major statement. You can’t keep trotting out excuses, you need to make a bold move(s) and they certainly did that. Miguel Tejada is gone and so is Aaron Rowand. Two guys who are overpaid underachievers. Upset about playing time, and their roles, perhaps they needed to be axed first. It gives a guy like Brett Pill with solid power numbers a chance to shine. Also, activate Pat Burrell from the DL, and things now look a little more interesting. If this doesn’t shake a clubhouse to it’s core, nothing will. Let’s see if they have a pulse tonight.

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Witness To A Meltdown…

Don’t blame Tim Lincecum for those gopher balls he served up.  Here’s my take on the situation… The Giants have had a first class pitching staff, and a last place offense.  Sooner or later, the bottom drags down the top.  You just can’t ask a pitcher to throw a shutout every single game.  Giving up one run is fine… but when it gets to two, the roof caves in. He’s thinking “Oh no… we’re sunk now..”  You can see it in the body language.  It’s happened to Timmy, to Cain, to Vogelsong and to Mad Bum.  The shocking thing is they haven’t snapped… thrown tantrums, taken hostages.  And Shawn Estes says “Well, you can’t think that way.”  Guess what Sherlock, they’re all thinking that way, ‘cuz they’re human.  I’d bet the Huntington Beach Little Leaguers could take two out of three from the Giants.  I wish I was kidding…

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Watch Billy Crystal Film Movie About Giants Farm Team Announcer

Billy Crystal was down in Fresno over the weekend on the hottest day of the year. Of course the Giants Triple-A farm club the Fresno Grizzlies play there. He’s doing a movie about Grizzlies broadcaster Artie Decker. Bette Midler is also said to be in the movie. Take a look.

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Desperate Measures…

Ask any Giants fan…. These are desperate times. After last night’s embarrassing loss to the lowly Houston Astros (again), you get the feeling Bruce Bochy’s gonna blow his top.  And with that size 8 ¼ noggin, that could do a lot more damage than that little 5.8 quake the other day.  Yeah, former minor league journeyman Henry Sosa was pitching on three days rest, and the Giants hitters turned Henry into Bob Gibson.  It was like watching the Hindenburg in slow motion… you know what’s about to happen, and you can’t stop it.  So what do you do, bench some guys?  It’s slim pickings there.   They’ve got more guys that are bedridden than a hospital ship.  How ‘bout the young dudes?  If you’re gonna fail, I’d rather lose with Brandon Crawford, Brett Pill, Gary Brown, Darren Ford and Eric Surkamp.  How could they be worse than your current killer lineup?  Oh by the way…  before last night, Houston had lost 25 of 30 games on the road.  Did I say it was hard to watch?

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Giants claim Padres closer Heath Bell

Does the team with the best bullpen in baseball really need Heath Bell from the Padres. Well apparently, as the Giants have claimed him off waivers. Although Arizona GM Kevin Towers was rumored to also be going after Bell. So was it a move to block the D-backs, or is Brian Wilson just that hurt? Let’s see if both teams can agree on a trade first.

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Watch the Bruce Bochy Interview With Bob Costas

Giants manager Bruce Bochy gave an interview on the MLB Network yesterday, and the recent struggles are covered. Questions about last years championship run, what has changed for Bochy, as well as a relationship with SNL’s Darryl Hammond? Who knew they were friends? Also we learn of a Bochy dance. No, he doesn’t perform, thankfully. Watch it here.

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Eli Whiteside Slide Gets Joked About By Teammates

Maybe Giants catcher Eli Whiteside will think to extend both arms when sliding headfirst next time. Perhaps, he’ll never slide headfirst again.

If you missed it, last night he bit it hard going into second base. His teammates playfully ribbed him too after the game. Bruce Bochy said “He came up with a new slide…”He looked like Rocky.” Take a look.

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