Bryan Stow Goes Outside For 1st Time in 6 Months

They went from hearing Bryan Stow whisper “I Love You” to his kids a couple of weeks ago, to taking his first walk outside in over 6 months. It’s truly an amazing story of recovery that deserves it’s own day next year at AT&T Park.

Stow was said to look directly at the sun and say “it’s magical.” It sounds like he still speaking in small thoughts, rather than full conversations, but his memory is sharp, and his sense of humor is intact.

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The Scoop…

With so many beat writers following the San Francisco Giants, there’s naturally a lot of overlapping coverage.  That’s fine with us fans, who want to hear, see and read every morsel of every little detail about the Orange and Black.  But when it all hit the fan yesterday, only one guy, Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News, broke the stunning story. Mark’s homework obviously paid off, and he had the scoop of the year….that Giants’ managing general partner and chief executive officer Bill Neukom was out as head honcho, after a fallout with the Executive Committee of the Giants’ ownership group.  Derek Moore and I were talking about the fact that anyone can be a blogger… anyone can tweet whatever they want.  But this is old school journalism… a lot of digging, prodding, protecting sources and sifting through what’s fact and what isn’t.  Nice work, Mark.  By the way, the company line is that this is a “retirement.”  Hilarious.

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I’m Ready For Fantasy Football.. Oh Wait…

I suddenly felt like jumping into a Fantasy Football League… then I caught myself.  What am I thinking?  I don’t do Fantasy Football.  Oh, I know it’s taken the country by storm…  there are even a dozen sports shows devoting precious airtime to fake roster spots.  I get it.  And all of my friends are ready to roll.  Brian, Derek, Chris and Lizann are obsessed….up to their necks in draft picks, trades and speculation.  They’re wondering when I’ll join the rest of civilization and finally take the plunge.  Being an “imaginary” General Manager/Head Coach?  I don’t think so… I have enough trouble with real life.  And as the All-Pro is carted off the field with a career-threatening injury, you know what the guy on the couch is saying?   “That better not be my tight end!”

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Pablo Sandoval Talks About His Injury

It turns out Pablo Sandoval wasn’t bluffing last night when he told reporters his quad injury was fine, while smiling. Last night, he said it was a precaution, and he didn’t want to be on the disabled list again. It looks like he will play in tomorrows double header against the Chicago Cubs.

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Giants post ‘It Gets Better’ Anti Gay Bullying Video

The San Francisco Giants posted its ”It’s Get Better” video this morning, which is the first of it’s kind, by a professional sports franchise. It’s message is anti-gay bullying and homophobia, and features Giants pitchers Barry Zito, Matt Cain and Sergio Romo, centerfielder Andres Torres, and batting coach Hensley ”Bam Bam” Meulens.

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Watch The Giants Showtime Preview-The Franchise

Much has been written about the Giants and the new behind the scenes show called “The Franchise.” It’s been criticized, and dissected. Is it ever good to have cameras following your every move? Are certain players going to be more concerned about hamming it up then winning another World Championship?

Even Mike Krukow wasn’t too keen on the idea initially. However, the way they film it typically, Showtime is way out in the distance. It’s like they are not even there. Of course, there are moments where they will be, but it’s turning out not to be the distraction that many had pictured.

Watch the preview below. I have to admit, it looks pretty good.

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49ers linebacker Scott McKillop tears ACL, May Be Done For Season

The rash of injuries continues today in 49ers camp, but this one is the most serious of all.

Linebacker Scott McKillop suffered a torn ACL and torn patella tendon in his left knee, which means he’s likely out for the year. Instead of McKillop backing up Takeo Spikes, it looks like NaVorro Bowman and veteran Matt Wilhelm will get a shot at it.

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The Royals Give A’s the Win Today, 4-3

The Royals gift wrapped an A’s victory today with two crucial errors and allowing a four-run sixth inning. Brett Anderson got his first victory since May, which is nice to see.


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Vernon Davis Sports New Mohawk/Talks Contract Issue

Apparently, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis has a new do in camp-a mohawk. He even says he may dye it gold.

“Something to laugh about, keep guys laughing around here at training camp,” he says.

Maybe it’s to keep him laughing while he waits for a new contract. After all, last week Antonio Gates received a five-year contract extension, with $20.4 million guaranteed and $36 mil attached.


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49ers Aubrayo Franklin Officially A Holdout

Everybody is ready to go at 49ers camp except their franchise player, nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin. He officially is a holdout after snubbing his nose at a one-year $7 million deal.

Mike Singletary doesn’t seem to concerned.

“In terms of being in shape, the one thing that (Franklin) has done is he has really done a tremendous job in the offseason,” Singletary said.


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