Watch As Giants Catcher Buster Posey Gives An Update on His Rehab

Buster Posey is always level headed. You aren’t going to hear him scream and yell and do cart wheels over anything. He uses that typical, even keeled approach when talking about his rehab, and how it’s going in Arizona. It seems like he’s making really good progress, and doesn’t want to focus on the past.

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Buster Posey and Wife Kristin Twins Born

Sunday was a good day not only for the Giants, but also for Buster Posey, who celebrated the birth of twins with his wife Kristin.

Lee Dempsey Posey was born just a couple minutes before Addison Lynn Posey on Sunday. Everyone is said to be doing well.

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The Batting Stance Guy makes Fun Of Giants Players For Franchise Promo

The guy known as the Batting Stance Guy, who perfectly impersonates players at the plate, is now making fun of several San Francisco Giants players.

He is promoting the Showtime documentary called The Franchise. He takes on Brian Wilson, Cody Ross, Andres Torres, Pat the Bat, Buster Posey and many others. Torres and Posey are highlights.

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Should Pablo Sandoval Catch When He Returns

The debate rages on. Should Pablo Sandoval become the Giants everyday catcher when he returns tomorrow? I’m not sure everyday is a good idea, although I think a spot start or two a week would be better. The one guy he should be catching is Tim Lincecum. The Freak won’t admit this, but the ERA tells the story. With Eli Whiteside catching, Lincecum’s ERA for his career is around 5. It’s half that for Bengie Molina and Buster Posey. Lately though Lincecum’s ERA with Whiteside is close to 8! Not to mention, Whiteside isn’t the best fielder of wild pitches or passed balls.

Asking Pablo to not only get re-acclimated, but handle a pitching staff is probably too much to ask. However, if the Giants lead starts to slip in the NL West in the next month or two, changes are going to have to be made.

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After Brian Sabean’s Comments, Joe Torre Plans a Phone Call

In a radio interview, Giants GM Brian Sabean tore into Florida Marlin Scott Cousins regarding the Buster Posey play. We have heard all kinds of arguments about rule changes, and what should or shouldn’t come next. Is it refreshing to hear a GM actually say what’s on his mind in public, or is it completely lacking in class? If you’re Posey, are you glad to have a GM that has your back?

Oddly enough, Sabean wanted to talk to Joe Torre before his comments and couldn’t get a hold of him. Now, Torre is finally available.

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A Buster Posey/Mickey Mantle Impression?

So, how could you possibly compare Buster Posey with Mickey Mantle. Posey has one full season and some change under his belt. Mantle was a Hall of Famer with great power, and an American Icon.

We leave the job up to Bleacher Report who looks at both men and their similarities, right down to their injuries.

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Brandon Belt Blogs About His Return To The Giants

Brandon Belt has posted a blog about being called back up to the Giants. Basically, he’s been running on fumes the last couple of days. He talks about heading for bed around 12:30am the other night, only to get a call from the Giants. They picked him up at 6am.

Read the post.

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Make Your Catcher Proud…

The furious, dramatic rally the Giants pulled off to tie the game seemed like an afterthought.  The soul of their team, young Buster Posey, was writhing in pain after a devastating collision at the plate.  The sellout crowd fell silent, as if a black cloud had descended on the park…as if Buster was the only thing that mattered…. because he was.  As someone in the clubhouse was heard to say..”It’s way serious.”  There’s no denying it… Buster Posey won’t be catching for the Giants any time soon.  So what now?  Do you kiss off the rest of the season?  Only losers do that.  It’s time for the players… and the fans… to suck it up.  Panda will return soon… maybe he continues to pound the ball.  Brandon Belt has to contribute, just as Buster did exactly a year ago as an unproven rookie.  Better at-bats… clutch hitting… keep the line moving.  No time to hang your heads.  Rededicate yourself.   Win this for your catcher…. the soul of your team.

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Too Many Heart Stoppers…

Every team has the talent to come from behind and steal a win.  But come on… The Giants have been doing it practically every night.  Nate Schierholtz, Darren Ford, Manny Burriss, Cody Ross, Aubrey Huff… coming through when all hope seems to be lost.  And speaking of talent, let’s face it…’s not like the Giants are stacked with an All-Star caliber lineup.  Maybe that’s why so few “experts” pick this team to even make the playoffs.  They’re still being underestimated… and that’s why we love ‘em.  The Misfits are back.  Oh, and to that person who’s inventing a revolutionary catcher’s helmet…  please roll one out for Buster.

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Giants News-Buster Posey Admits He Screwed Up With Matt Cain

Why is Buster Posey so likable? It may be for his cool demeanor, or it could be what he does behind the scenes without any publicity. I’m not talking charity efforts, or handing out free Giants tickets at Bank of America. Listen as I talk about how he fixed a mistake that he made during a game.


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