Put Us Out Of Our Misery…

Of course it’s a dagger in the heart of the ever loyal Giants fans, who’ve grinded out every at-bat, every heartbreaking loss.  But come on, it’s been damned entertaining.  With the absolutely woeful, impotent offense… these guys should have finished in the cellar.  Only the pitching has kept them in contention for this long.  I mean, it seems like they’ve lost 100 games 2-1 or 1-0…. It happened over and over again.  I know, if Tim Lincecum had been with the Yankees, he’d be 21-6.  Same with Matt Cain. We get it.  But it’s a tough game, and there’s a fine line between an empty stadium and a packed house.  You played your asses off, and it didn’t work out.  So hold your heads high.  All in all, it’s been quite a ride.  Can’t wait for spring training.

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Desperate Measures…

Ask any Giants fan…. These are desperate times. After last night’s embarrassing loss to the lowly Houston Astros (again), you get the feeling Bruce Bochy’s gonna blow his top.  And with that size 8 ¼ noggin, that could do a lot more damage than that little 5.8 quake the other day.  Yeah, former minor league journeyman Henry Sosa was pitching on three days rest, and the Giants hitters turned Henry into Bob Gibson.  It was like watching the Hindenburg in slow motion… you know what’s about to happen, and you can’t stop it.  So what do you do, bench some guys?  It’s slim pickings there.   They’ve got more guys that are bedridden than a hospital ship.  How ‘bout the young dudes?  If you’re gonna fail, I’d rather lose with Brandon Crawford, Brett Pill, Gary Brown, Darren Ford and Eric Surkamp.  How could they be worse than your current killer lineup?  Oh by the way…  before last night, Houston had lost 25 of 30 games on the road.  Did I say it was hard to watch?

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The Silence Of The Lambs…

If it wasn’t so painful,  it’d be laughable.  Where’s Carlos Beltran?  Brian Wilson?  How about Andres Torres, Sergio Romo?  Is Miguel Tejada a double play waiting to happen or am I just being a cruel pessimist?  This is crunch time, and the Giants are playing their worst baseball of the year.  When the Pirates had a Ten Game Losing Streak…  the Giants were just what the doctor ordered.  Florida had lost 7 in a row…  hey, bring on the Giants.  You get the picture.  And Houston, who’ve already lost nearly 100 games… slapped the Giants around all week.  Had Panda not gone deep yesterday, I’m telling you, Bruce Bochy was on the verge of taking hostages and barricading a convenience store.  And stop saying the Giants are set to play some losing teams.  I promise you, they’re all lickin’ their chops to get at the World Champs.  I know we’ve got more than a month to go.  But with apologies to Yogi Berra…. It’s getting’ late early.

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Watch the Bruce Bochy Interview With Bob Costas

Giants manager Bruce Bochy gave an interview on the MLB Network yesterday, and the recent struggles are covered. Questions about last years championship run, what has changed for Bochy, as well as a relationship with SNL’s Darryl Hammond? Who knew they were friends? Also we learn of a Bochy dance. No, he doesn’t perform, thankfully. Watch it here.

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Eli Whiteside Slide Gets Joked About By Teammates

Maybe Giants catcher Eli Whiteside will think to extend both arms when sliding headfirst next time. Perhaps, he’ll never slide headfirst again.

If you missed it, last night he bit it hard going into second base. His teammates playfully ribbed him too after the game. Bruce Bochy said “He came up with a new slide…”He looked like Rocky.” Take a look.

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Watch the Giants Entire Inside the Clubhouse Show

The Giants had their highest rated Inside the Clubhouse show here recently. It’s a deeper look into Bruce Bochy selecting his All-Star team. It also takes a look on how the Giants draft and develop players.

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Bruce Bochy.. Snuffed Out…

Just a pinch between your cheek and gums… Yes, this little endeavor of sucking on smokeless tobacco is all too pervasive in the field and in the dugouts of Major League Baseball.  And I think we all know that it’s a nasty, poisonous habit…. and that nothing good will come of it.  Janie McCaule of AP has a great story about Giants skipper Bruce Bochy, who’d been “dipping” for nearly 40 years…. and has quit with the help of hypnotherapist Dr. AlVera Paxon.  She also helped bullpen catcher Billy Hayes and long time equipment manager Mike Murphy kick the dip.  Amazing… congratulations.  Derek Moore tells me that Dr. Paxon’s next project is Barry Zito… in an effort to help him give up baseball…

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The Barry Zito Saga…

Wealthy beyond most people’s dreams, he’s been humiliated, vilified and blamed for every major disaster including the Lindbergh kidnapping.  Okay, it hasn’t been easy.  Barry Zito’s never whined, cursed the media or played the diva.  But it’s becoming increasingly clear that highest paid guy on your team can’t get anybody out.  This just in that’s hard to do with a belt high change-up or an 82 mph fastball.  He’s not a criminal.  He’s just not getting it done on the mound.  No matter how much money you have, that’s tough to swallow.  If I’m Bruce Bochy, I’d invent an injury and put you on the DL until September comes.  Oh wait… I guess that already happened.

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Giants On A Roll…

The Faithful got through the All Star Break… and you’ve got to admit, we’re feeling pretty good.  Ryan Vogelsong was introduced as an All Star (unthinkable in the spring), Panda ripped a solid double to drive in a run, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain got to rest…. and The Beard slammed the door.  Props to Bruce Bochy for runnin’ the show his way.  Oh, and the Giants, even with their impotent offense….. still lead the NL West.  And if you need a little more excitement, don’t forget tonight’s premiere episode of the Giants docudrama “The Franchise” on SHOWTIME.  Get an inside look at some of the young season’s highs…. and lows, including one of the most talked about incidents of the year, the devastating injury to Buster Posey.

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The Batting Stance Guy makes Fun Of Giants Players For Franchise Promo

The guy known as the Batting Stance Guy, who perfectly impersonates players at the plate, is now making fun of several San Francisco Giants players.

He is promoting the Showtime documentary called The Franchise. He takes on Brian Wilson, Cody Ross, Andres Torres, Pat the Bat, Buster Posey and many others. Torres and Posey are highlights.

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