As the Giants’ season comes to an end, those of us who’ve lived and died with every pitch know the highs and lows of trying to do the near impossible… repeat as World Series Champions.  But they sure have been fun to watch.  There are new kids coming into their own.. Brett Pill, Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford and Madison Bumgarner.  And Ryan Vogelsong has been the feel-good story of the year.  But I don’t think I’ve seen anyone play the game with more joy, more enthusiasm than the Panda.  Pablo Sandoval. He looks like he embraces every moment of every inning with a free-spirited, unapologetic love of the game, and it infuses those around him with the same spirit.  The other night, I saw his reaction when a teammate hit a home run.  With legs that must be bone-weary, the Panda jumped so high, his head hit the top of the dugout.  Watching Panda.. has been a joy.  Now, Brandon Belt?  He’s kinda dour.

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Take A Pill.. And Call Me In The Morning…

As the pennant chase takes a dark turn for the Giants, there’s a bright light on the horizon… or at least we hope there is.  And hope is a precious commodity now.  Giants minor league prospect Brett Pill, who will turn 27 tomorrow, finally made his Major League debut on Tuesday and hit the first pitch he swung at off the second deck of the Western Metal Supply Company.  Before Duane Kuiper got to “High Drive..” it was gone.  Then yesterday, ho hum…. he another home run. And he’s been in the bigs two days.  A lot of fans are wondering why he wasn’t brought up sooner….  he’s actually older than Matt Cain, Panda, Brandon Belt and of course Madison Bumgarner.  Guess he was biding his time.  It remains to be seen if a nickname will stick… “Pill The Thrill,” “The Pill-ager,” “Brett The Threat,”…..Well, if you keep hittin’, who cares?

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Brandon Belt Blogs About His Return To The Giants

Brandon Belt has posted a blog about being called back up to the Giants. Basically, he’s been running on fumes the last couple of days. He talks about heading for bed around 12:30am the other night, only to get a call from the Giants. They picked him up at 6am.

Read the post.

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Make Your Catcher Proud…

The furious, dramatic rally the Giants pulled off to tie the game seemed like an afterthought.  The soul of their team, young Buster Posey, was writhing in pain after a devastating collision at the plate.  The sellout crowd fell silent, as if a black cloud had descended on the park…as if Buster was the only thing that mattered…. because he was.  As someone in the clubhouse was heard to say..”It’s way serious.”  There’s no denying it… Buster Posey won’t be catching for the Giants any time soon.  So what now?  Do you kiss off the rest of the season?  Only losers do that.  It’s time for the players… and the fans… to suck it up.  Panda will return soon… maybe he continues to pound the ball.  Brandon Belt has to contribute, just as Buster did exactly a year ago as an unproven rookie.  Better at-bats… clutch hitting… keep the line moving.  No time to hang your heads.  Rededicate yourself.   Win this for your catcher…. the soul of your team.

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The Misfits Are Back…

No one repeats as World Series Champions… at least that’s the prevailing wisdom.  But I wouldn’t bet against these guys, as they finally begin to defend their title tonight in La-La Land against the hated Dodgers.  Most of the Misfits return, and a young pup named Brandon Belt surprised everyone by making the opening day roster.  If they struggle early, not to worry.  ‘Cuz they’ve come back.  Seemed like Tim Lincecum was 0 for August last season…. and Panda hit into two double plays before breakfast.  Oh, and Buster Posey, Pat Burrell, Cody Ross, Javier Lopez and Madison Bumgarner weren’t even on the team on Opening Day last year.  Somehow, it all worked out, didn’t it?   If you don’t have Band of Misfits by Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly, get it.

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Cody Ross Expected To Miss Time For the Giants

Cody Ross is expected to open the season on the disabled list for the San Francisco Giants. On Wednesday he suffered a moderate calf strain. This could open the door of opportunity for Brandon Belt to actually open the season in the majors. You could move Aubrey Huff to the outfield. Perhaps Aaron Rowand would start in center and Torres in right. It will be interesting to see what Bruce Bochy decides to do.

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Watch Will Clark Work With Giants Players As A Special Assistant

We all know Will “The Thrill” Clark, and what he did on the field. He ranks by many as one of the greatest Bay Area sports heroes in any sport.

Now, he’s working with the San Francisco Giants as a special assistant, giving on field advice to many. Brandon Belt is one of those people.

Watch as players like Aubrey Huff worship their idol below.

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Mark DeRosa at SS-He Doesn’t Mind



The San Francisco Giants lose Juan Uribe to the Dodgers, but with Mark DeRosa healthy, and the signing of Miguel Tejada, it really doesn’t matter.

DeRosa was penciled in as the possible left fielder. Then, the ultimate utility guy, but what about Mike Fontenot? Not to mention, Brandon Belt, and where you put Aubrey Huff or Burrell, etc. There’s a log jam of talent for the Giants. It’s a good problem to have, or is it? DeRosa was asked about playing shortstop and he seemed open to the possibility.

Read more…

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