Next Up For the Giants-The Barry Zito Question

If you ask anybody in management for the Giants about the future of Barry Zito, they all say the same thing. Something to the effect of “I have no idea.” In the case of Bruce “Slingblade” Bochy insert a grumble at the beginning of that quote and a “mmmm hmmm” at the end.

Basically, Zito is owed a truckload of money and simply letting him go would be extremely expensive. $19 million next season, $20 million in 2013, and a $7 million buyout in 2014. That’s $46 million to make him go away. However, if he’s not going to be healthy, or when he is he’s non productive, it’s something that the Giants have to consider.

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Bruce Bochy.. Snuffed Out…

Just a pinch between your cheek and gums… Yes, this little endeavor of sucking on smokeless tobacco is all too pervasive in the field and in the dugouts of Major League Baseball.  And I think we all know that it’s a nasty, poisonous habit…. and that nothing good will come of it.  Janie McCaule of AP has a great story about Giants skipper Bruce Bochy, who’d been “dipping” for nearly 40 years…. and has quit with the help of hypnotherapist Dr. AlVera Paxon.  She also helped bullpen catcher Billy Hayes and long time equipment manager Mike Murphy kick the dip.  Amazing… congratulations.  Derek Moore tells me that Dr. Paxon’s next project is Barry Zito… in an effort to help him give up baseball…

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The Barry Zito Saga…

Wealthy beyond most people’s dreams, he’s been humiliated, vilified and blamed for every major disaster including the Lindbergh kidnapping.  Okay, it hasn’t been easy.  Barry Zito’s never whined, cursed the media or played the diva.  But it’s becoming increasingly clear that highest paid guy on your team can’t get anybody out.  This just in that’s hard to do with a belt high change-up or an 82 mph fastball.  He’s not a criminal.  He’s just not getting it done on the mound.  No matter how much money you have, that’s tough to swallow.  If I’m Bruce Bochy, I’d invent an injury and put you on the DL until September comes.  Oh wait… I guess that already happened.

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Who’s Going to Start for the Giants Sunday? It Might Be Eric Surkamp

The plot thickens for the San Francisco Giants. Who will be there starter on Sunday? We know it won’t be Jonathan Sanchez who was in and out the whole game in Fresno according to pitching coach Dave Righetti. Barry Zito is likely not to start thanks to him giving up 14 runs in two outings. Could the Giants ask left hander Eric Surkamp to come up?

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The President Makes Time…

While this visit was under the radar for the rest of the country, I think the Giants Faithful were thrilled that the President of the United States made time to honor the World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Sure, this has been a yearly tradition since President Reagan’s time in the White House, but these were The Misfits… and it was great to see the SFGiants video of the ceremony.  Within an hour, the President would prepare to address the nation.  With critical economic troubles looming, it’s hard to imagine one human being having this much on his plate.  Bill Neukom has got to be thinking….”Wow, I can sure relate to the debt crisis… I mean we’ve got Barry Zito….”

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Giants post ‘It Gets Better’ Anti Gay Bullying Video

The San Francisco Giants posted its ”It’s Get Better” video this morning, which is the first of it’s kind, by a professional sports franchise. It’s message is anti-gay bullying and homophobia, and features Giants pitchers Barry Zito, Matt Cain and Sergio Romo, centerfielder Andres Torres, and batting coach Hensley ”Bam Bam” Meulens.

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Barry Zito Fine After Car Accident

San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito is OK after a car accident in West Hollywood last night. According to police on the scene, Zito wasn’t at fault, and his car was totaled. No one is going into great detail about whether Zito was hurt in the crash, but Bruce Bochy said Zito expects to start on Sunday.

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