Barry Bonds Ex-Trainer Banned From Coaching Youth Baseball

Who surprised to learn that parents don’t want Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds’ trainer teaching their kids baseball? Anybody? You mean they don’t want their kids on The Cream?!

Well, that’s what happened in the Bay Area. One of the parents complained to the league about his involvement, and out he went. Oddly enough, this is the first year that that has happened. Did the parents not see the umpteen jail sentences for not testifying against Bonds?

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Barry Bonds Post-Trial Hearing Moved

Barry Bonds post trial hearing was supposed to take place on Friday. It’s now been delayed until June 17th. The reason-prosecutors want more time to consider if they should retry him on several of the charges. Also, it gives Bonds lawyers a chance to prepare for the possibility of a retrial.

Bonds could face up to 10 years in prison on the obstruction conviction.

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Shocker.. Bonds Was Evasive…

This time, Barry didn’t get a walk.  It’s a conviction on a single count of obstruction of justice.  The jurors couldn’t decide on the perjury stuff.  Well, actually on one of the perjury counts, they did decide…. except for a lone holdout.  I don’t want to minimize the judicial process, but this is an awful lot of time, effort, testimony, migraine inducing research and money… for this result.  In the end, it was determined that Barry Bonds was evasive.  Yikes.. that’s some breaking news.  And, as in life… a group of people aren’t always on the same page, are they?  Matter of fact, I don’t think you can get 12 people to agree that the sun goes down at night.

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Second Tape Excluded In Bonds Case

That newly found tape that was found, won’t be used in the Barry Bonds trial, which could be considered a major break for the defense. The judge cited it’s poor audio quality as one of the main reasons. Also, it seemed a little odd that it had just materialized on Sunday, so it won’t be used.

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Bonds Bombshell About To Be Delivered

You might remember the testimony of Barry Bonds‘ doctor Arthur Ting last week. He caused problems for the prosecution in the case saying he met with the prosecutions prized witness Steve Hoskins only once or twice. Now some audio tapes have been discovered, putting that number more towards 50 meetings.

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Bonds.. “No, You’re Out Of Order…”

That the Barry Bonds trial is actually taking place in downtown San Francisco is somewhat comical to me.  I mean, if it’s in Beverly Hills, this is a different story.  Philadelphia?  That’s automatic prison.  But here in the City by the Bay?  Apparently prosecutors think these jurors couldn’t care less that the guy in the hot seat has worn the uniform of the World Champions of Baseball…  Hilarious.  Do you mean to tell me you’ve found 12 people who say they haven’t heard of BALCO…or Bonds?  Of course, according to that Newsweek story… a third of Americans don’t know who the Vice President is.  Yeah, that’s who I want on my jury.  Then there’s Greg Anderson, who’s done a lot of jail time for refusing to testify.  What’s the upside for him?  Good lord… there are guys in the Mafia who couldn’t keep quiet this long…

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Good Luck Finding a Juror That Doesn’t Know Who Barry Bonds Is

How do you find a jury that all have never heard of Barry Bonds? It seems like an impossible task. Oh, and the trial is in San Francisco. That pretty much zeros it down to “good luck.”

Now, there are jury consultants that are experts. There are certain questions you can ask about how they feel about guys with big, massive melons, and guys that choke Jeff Kent. Maybe even a steroids question. Still, by the time you pear it down, there’s not going to be much left in the jury pool.

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Tejada May Offer Pablo Sandoval Help

AT&T Park
First, it was Barry Bonds, but he might be busy soon. Enter in new teammate Miguel Tejada, who may offer himself to be Pablo Sandoval’s workout partner. Tejada has proven how durable he is over his career, and it has a lot to do with how he takes care of himself.

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Judge Allows Recording Which Could “Barry” Bonds

The perjury case against Barry Bonds just took an interesting wrinkle. The federal judge assigned to the case will allow recordings to be a part of the proceeding. In the recording, his personal trainer discussed his steroid use. Steve Hoskins recorded the conversation originally to convince Bobby Bonds that his son was taking steroids.

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Pablo Sandoval Is Working With Barry Bonds

Not sure if you want to go around telling everybody you’re working wit Barry Bonds’ trainer but…

Sandoval has lost a lot of weight, and is also working on hitting drills with Barry Bonds. Bonds did have one of the best eyes in baseball history, so hopefully Sandoval will take a few more pitches.

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