Too Many Heart Stoppers…

Every team has the talent to come from behind and steal a win.  But come on… The Giants have been doing it practically every night.  Nate Schierholtz, Darren Ford, Manny Burriss, Cody Ross, Aubrey Huff… coming through when all hope seems to be lost.  And speaking of talent, let’s face it…’s not like the Giants are stacked with an All-Star caliber lineup.  Maybe that’s why so few “experts” pick this team to even make the playoffs.  They’re still being underestimated… and that’s why we love ‘em.  The Misfits are back.  Oh, and to that person who’s inventing a revolutionary catcher’s helmet…  please roll one out for Buster.

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Nate Is Money…

Nate Schierholtz showed off his rifle arm the other night by throwing out a guy at second, but last night’s game-ending catch against the Dodgers was unreal… maybe the defensive play of the year.  Stop what you’re doing check it out here. Aubrey Huff said, “Thank God that wasn’t me.”  No kidding.  Is there any doubt as to who ought to be patrolling right field?  And the stellar play preserved Madison Bumgarner’s first win of the year.  Coming into the game 0-6, had Bum let another one get away, he would have gone straight to South America and joined the priesthood.

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The A’s Looking at The Giants Formula For Success

When the San Francisco Giants went out and got Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell, Cody Ross and succeeded, it raised many eyebrows. That goes for the Oakland A’s as well, who did their own version of that in the offseason. They signed Hideki Matsui, David DeJesus and Josh Willingham. With the talent that they have on their young pitching staff, and additions in the bullpen, the A’s are a contender in the AL West.

USA Today has the full story.

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Cody Ross Expected To Miss Time For the Giants

Cody Ross is expected to open the season on the disabled list for the San Francisco Giants. On Wednesday he suffered a moderate calf strain. This could open the door of opportunity for Brandon Belt to actually open the season in the majors. You could move Aubrey Huff to the outfield. Perhaps Aaron Rowand would start in center and Torres in right. It will be interesting to see what Bruce Bochy decides to do.

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Watch Will Clark Work With Giants Players As A Special Assistant

We all know Will “The Thrill” Clark, and what he did on the field. He ranks by many as one of the greatest Bay Area sports heroes in any sport.

Now, he’s working with the San Francisco Giants as a special assistant, giving on field advice to many. Brandon Belt is one of those people.

Watch as players like Aubrey Huff worship their idol below.

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Mark DeRosa at SS-He Doesn’t Mind



The San Francisco Giants lose Juan Uribe to the Dodgers, but with Mark DeRosa healthy, and the signing of Miguel Tejada, it really doesn’t matter.

DeRosa was penciled in as the possible left fielder. Then, the ultimate utility guy, but what about Mike Fontenot? Not to mention, Brandon Belt, and where you put Aubrey Huff or Burrell, etc. There’s a log jam of talent for the Giants. It’s a good problem to have, or is it? DeRosa was asked about playing shortstop and he seemed open to the possibility.

Read more…

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Aubrey Huff Says “I’m Done With the Rally Thong”

San Francisco Giants September 2010

The Aubrey Huff rally thong will forever live in San Francisco Giants lore. However, Huff is ready to begin a new chapter without it. He said he was embarrassed when the league called him up wanting it. With children, he said he had to call an end to the ritual.


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