Watch as ESPN Analyzes the 49ers at This Point In Season

Who knew Kordell Stewart was an analyst for ESPN? You wouldn’t know, as they never show him on TV. They’ve buried him on video for the website with the very attractive Prim Siripipat. He needs a little more personality.

He does tell of facing Harbaugh as a player with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They talk at length about the 49ers successes below.

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Alex.. The Worst 7-1 Quarterback In History…

About Alex Smith, Lowell Cohn’s mantra is “he’s so limited.” Limited, as if Alex were some sort of contest winner plucked from the stands…and who gets to line up behind center as a promotional stunt. I’m getting tired of it. Certainly the 49ers are not seriously thought of as one of the league’s elite teams. Especially not elite is their quarterback. So who’s better than Alex? How about Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Sam Bradford, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, Josh Freeman, Mark Sanchez, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Matt Stafford, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, Colt McCoy… did I forget anyone? No, Alex is at the very bottom of the list. The bottom. We get it. He’s not 6’5”, he’s not strong armed, he’s not a superstar, he’s not a glory hog. Don’t you see, that’s the beauty of it all. If you’re the Eagles, the Lions, The Bucs, The Browns, The Seahawks, The Redskins or The Bengals… you just got beat by a team that has Alex in charge. He’s not anything you like… but he is something you’re not. He’s 7-1.
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Moneyball Is.. Money…

I was wrong about Moneyball. I thought it unlikely that anyone who’s not a baseball fan would be very interested in stats, on-base percentage and the Oakland A’s.  But sure enough, it’s scoring big box office numbers… and as baseball movies go, it’s got plenty of mainstream appeal. But Moneyball is not just about baseball is it?  It’s for anybody who’s ever dreamed of taking on the big guys, of challenging the way things are…  and it’s about believing in yourself.  I loved this movie.  Finding undervalued players is at the core of the story.  And I was wondering if there’s a sabermetrics for offensive linemen?  I mean the 49ers could use some help there…

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Get Ready For 1st Place After Week 3

Written by our resident 49ers Homer, Andy Hawk


On a week after a heartbreaking loss where QB Alex Smith had a secret concussion, the starting WR’s are injured and out of the lineup, and Frank Gore looks a step slow and ineffective – is there a reason to be a 49ers HOMER this week?  Sure, mainly because the Niners are playing The Cincinnati Bengals this week.  Hey, the Bengals are young and hungry, but they are still the Bengals.  The Niners, even with their struggles right now, are favored on the road this week to win plus 2 and half.  That’s how little the Bengals are thought of.  San Francisco to start 2-1.  Yeah, I can still be a Homer this week.


We can say for sure the 49er run defense looks great.  That’s not a problem.  SF should figure out their issues with the secondary this week against a rookie QB and batch of very young receivers.  While the Bengals have shown promise, there won’t be Pro Bowlers like Witten and Austin on the field this week.  Last week may have been some good medicine the Niners secondary had to take preparing them for better for the rest of the year.


With limited weapons Harbuagh is certainly going to earn his money with a creative game plan this week.  I’m predicting a 24-16 win on the road this week, and will be listening early on Sunday morning on ESPN 1320.

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The Hug…

Alex Smith.. a resurrection?  Too early to tell.  But this was huge for him… seven years of underachieving, and now he wins?  Sure he was only 15 for 20, but what was more significant was what DIDN’T happen:  He didn’t fumble, throw an interception, get sacked…. or run out of time getting a play call in.   It’s only one game, but The Jim Harbaugh Era has begun.. and this means way more than just beating the Seahawks.  Things have changed, and here’s how I know…  It was The Hug. When Alex came to the bench following his touchdown plunge, the coach hugged his quarterback as if he’d just won Dancing With The Stars.  I thought he was gonna French Kiss him.  That moment told me this team has moved on… from the darkness of Singletary-Nolan-Erickson to something resembling hope.  Yeah, Dallas is coming in and we could lose to the Cowboys 45-3… so what?  For the moment, the 49ers are tied for first place.  And after what we’ve seen the last few years, isn’t that worth a hug?

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The Niners in 2011 = Surprise

The following is the latest entry from our resident “49ers Homer,” Andy Hawk.


Can you say this years Tampa Bay Bucs?  I think we can.  SURPRISE!  The element of surprise will work this year for the Niners.  Everyone looked at a very talented Niner roster last year and said 9-7, maybe 10-6 if all goes well.  Subtract some bad luck with bad bounces of the ball and the Niners are 8-8 easy last year.  Plus, anyone in the NFL will tell us that the Niners were the worst coached team in league last year. 


Now with a stronger roster and a much better system for Alex Smith and the young offensive line, everyone in the national media is predicting our favorite team from the Bay to be terrible.  SURPRISE!  Talent wise with the West Coast offense, solid running game, and improved defense, 10-6 is realistic.  San Francisco is this year’s Tampa Bay. SURPRISE to all not paying attention.   You heard it here first.


I mean you believe a team led by Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis can’t win the division, why did you think so last year?  So, now that we feel confident about the coaching and system is everything I just said really a fantasy?  Nope.  While the NFL is overlooking the 49ers, we will see some surprising rookie performances from Aldon Smith and Kendall Hunter, along with breakout seasons from Navorro Bowman and Ahmad Brooks leading the way to a 3-1 start filled with 27-17 victories.  SURPRISE SF to be NFC West Champs.


I’m Andy Hawk your 49er homer and I will be listening to the first Niner win this Sunday on ESPN 1320.

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Thank You Sports Illustrated…

For predicting the 49ers will finish in the cellar of the Tough-As-Nails NFC West.  This all takes me back to last year.  The Niners had actually won all of their exhibition games.. and players, media and fans were pretty jacked up.  I recall several “experts” picking the 49ers to do well… maybe even winning the division.  We all know how that turned out.  The predictable offense, botched time outs, porous secondary…. “I’ve got to look at the film..”  Make no mistake, grizzled Niner fans aren’t expecting miracles.  This will be a long road to respectability.  But maybe the Jim Harbaugh-led roster has found some hope, some new life after last night’s inspired play. And he won’t have to “look at the film.”

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Notes from The 49ers Homer 8/24/11

The following is from special contributor, Andy Hawk.  He’s our resident “49ers Homer.”  Enjoy…


Let’s not get THAT  excited about the dominant pre-season win over the Raiders last weekend!!  Besides, the Raiders are REALLY bad.  If the Raiders win only three games this year would anyone honestly be surprised?  Just look at their schedule and try and find 4 wins.  Now I am not saying the Niners are going to win 12 games this year either, but they certainly don’t have to.  Weekly improvement will get the job done in the NFC WEST .  Improvement is what we saw last week and will continue.  Let’s look at what the Niners have.


1.    An improved secondary through free agency at almost every position.

2.    Improved pass rush with Brooks looking strong and first round draft pick Aldon Smith looking more accomplished at the position in two Pre-season games than Manny Lawson did in five seasons.

3.    Improved at the wide receiver position with a hungry, or should I say starving to prove himself Braylon Edwards.  Plus the scheme of a West coast offense will show much better numbers for the receivers as a whole.

4.    Believe it or not, even with the awful pre-season game in New Orleans – the offensive line will be better this year.   Honestly, that first Pre-season game might prove to be the best thing that ever happened to them.  The line will be more

mature this season, they are currently healthier, in much better shape, and are better at the Center position by acquiring Goodwin from the Saints.


AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the coaching will be 100 percent better.  The 49ers were the WORST coached  team in the NFL last year.  They have a ton of talent, but good talent and terrible coaching lead to 6 wins last year.  What will slightly improved talent with good coaching do?  hmmm.


Winning the NFC WEST does not seem that far off at all when you spell it all out.  The Seahawks still have a worse QB situation than the Niners and the Cardinals have a QB with a huge contract who has a lower career QB rating than Alex Smith.  Are we really ready to anoint THE RAMS to kings of the division? I’m not.  Weekly improvement under Harbaugh CAN win the NFC West this season.


I’m  Andy Hawk your official 49er homer and I can’t wait to take in the 3rd pre-season game vs. the Texans this Saturday on ESPN 1320.   Click here to email me.

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Libya, Britain, Candlestick Park…

Going to an NFL game is supposed to be exhilarating.  The tailgate party, the steamy scrumptious hot dogs… cheering your team on in the crisp cold air.  What the heck has happened?  There have been loud, boisterous fans at football games for a hundred years… but things have changed. Does a family actually feel safe when some burly dudes in the next row are screaming obscenities at each other the entire game?  I used to laugh when I saw scenes of soccer violence in Europe… with some fans actually sequestered behind cages.  It’s not so funny now.  I don’t know what the answer is… but the best view of the game might be from my couch.

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49ers Sign Safety Madieu Williams

The non moves continue for the 49ers who picked up former Minnesota Vikings safety Madieu Williams today. All I can tell you is the Vikings were sick of him after two miserable seasons. Basically, he likes to give up the long ball for a touchdown. In other words, he’s a cheap Nate Clements. I guess it’s an easier pill to swallow if he’s only making a few million a year? Good run defense though. Yikes.

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