A Joyful 49er Homer

written by Andy Hawk, ESPN 1320’s resident 49ers Homer

Steve Young, Jerry Rice, and Brent Jones sure do look great this year.  At 6-1, The 49ers are ranked by ESPN as the #2 team in the NFL.  Don’t mind me, I just have that tingly feeling anytime someone says anything about the NFL or even football in general.  Come on… six and freaking one!  How did this happen?  It’s felt like an eternity since our team was a dominant force on Sundays.  I mean Alex smith is our QB!  I thought we had holes in the offensive line?  I thought the Niners were too weak at the WR position?  Isn’t Frank Gore too old?  No, nope, nah, and not at all.  The San Francisco 49ers have improved every week in almost every facet.  The defense is so good they’re physically knocking star players out of the game every week. 


The 49ers run the ball and can’t be run on.  This spells very bad news for the hapless Redskins on Sunday.  John Beck, you’re in trouble.  I’m so excited for Sunday at 10AM, I can’t stand it!   As the playbook is evolving we are starting to see some serious creativity coming from coach Harbaugh.  Never in our wildest dreams would anyone have guessed Joe Staley and Isaac Sopoaga would both have huge catches for first downs.   I’m not even going to try and predict what trick play we might see on Sunday morning


I’m Andy Hawk, your San Francisco 49er homer, reminding you to catch the game this week on ESPN 1320 and hold on…pregame at 9:00am, kickoff at 10:00am, with Ted Robinson and Eric Davis.

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It’s Not Too Early…

Written by ESPN 1320’s resident “49ers Homer”, Andy Hawk


Remember when we were talking about the Niners starting really slow because of the lockout?  How a new coach and new system would have San Francisco starting slow, but in a weak division with constant improvement, winning the division at 8-8 would be a hopeful possibility?  That seems so far away now, after a 45 point win and being undefeated on the road while taking out the 5-0 Lions.  Coming off the bye with a favorable schedule everything has changed in just under two months.  Now, Niner fans are already looking ahead and are expecting a 12-4 season.  Kind of scary right? Boo!


While I have been preaching how much better this team is than the sports world has given them credit for, I have to be honest and say that even I, your Niner homer, is surprised at the 5-1 record.  5-1 with the schedule they have played can’t be understated.  Being this excited about San Francisco is the real deal as playoffs will happen this year.  As a fan you can now look forward to winning, a feeling for Niner fans that has been gone for almost a decade. 


The Browns come to San Francisco this week with the 27th best offense in the NFL.  The 49ers have the fourth best defense and the best run defense.  Harbaugh has them very motivated, as they need to prove to all the doubters that these six weeks are not a fluke.  No let down or trap game this week.  Join me in catching the 49ers go 6-1 on ESPN 1320, Sunday afternoon!

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4-1 With No Respect

written by ESPN 1320’s resident Niners Homer, Andy Hawk

No one wants to read me bragging about how I’m the only one on the planet who has predicted the 49ers start.  I know I don’t.  The 49ers are 4-1 and have looked better every week.  The last two seasons the Niners were predicted to win the division;  they had the most talent in the NFC West, and it made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, Singletary proved to be the worst coach in the NFL, which led to severe underachievement in the city by the bay.  This year they signed a half dozen quality free agents, and had a decent draft.  It’s like no one saw this coming.  They’re now more talented, with VERY good coaching.  Harbaugh is not only a much better head coach than Singletary, but most importantly, his staff is exponentially better with Greg Roman and Vic Fangio.  So, no, this great start at 4-1 was not unforeseeable.  The really exciting part is that these wins are coming out of division with a 2-0 start on the road.


Which brings us to this week… Niners and Lions, the game of the week.  4-1 vs. 5-0.  We have learned nothing is impossible for the 2011 49ers.  Subtract one long play from Megatron last Monday night, and one long run from Jahvid Best, (and honestly the Lions did not look like some imposing force), and both teams would be 4-1.  Detroit’s last opponent, the Chicago Bears, offensive line has looked as bad as any team in the NFL, and they still ran the ball well on Detroit.  By the way the Cowboys and the Vikings moved the ball pretty easily, too.  With a 49er offensive line and running game putting it all together over the last two weeks I see the Lions having their hands full.  I’m Andy Hawk, your Niners Homer and I can’t wait for 10:00am Sunday on ESPN 1320.

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Watch Ron Artest’s 1st Dance on Dancing With the Stars

I’m no dance expert, but I would say Ron Artest, or whatever his Metta name is, was a little stiff on Dancing with the Stars. Hear is his first dance. I’ll let you be the judge.

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Libya, Britain, Candlestick Park…

Going to an NFL game is supposed to be exhilarating.  The tailgate party, the steamy scrumptious hot dogs… cheering your team on in the crisp cold air.  What the heck has happened?  There have been loud, boisterous fans at football games for a hundred years… but things have changed. Does a family actually feel safe when some burly dudes in the next row are screaming obscenities at each other the entire game?  I used to laugh when I saw scenes of soccer violence in Europe… with some fans actually sequestered behind cages.  It’s not so funny now.  I don’t know what the answer is… but the best view of the game might be from my couch.

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Alex.. Giving Poker A Bad Name…

So baseball pundits are all atwitter about Alex Rodriquez. He may have taken part in some pricey poker games with the likes of Tobey Maguire…. and this could lead to a suspension.  I know Alex is an easy target.  He’s rich, he’s got all the babes… and he’s a punk.  From what I’ve heard, he wasn’t dealing drugs, torturing animals, or molesting underage girls.  He played some poker.  And if you’re sitting with a cash player like Tobey Maguire, you’re running with a high stakes crowd.  Do you know what they call guys like Alex Rodriquez?  A fish.  And the big fish with lots of cash are called “Whales.” It reminds me of the Alec Baldwin scene.. “They’re waiting to give you their money.  Are you gonna take it?  Are you man enough to take it?”

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Joe Montana Gets 18 Months To Give Plans For Hotel/Entertainment Complex

Former 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana has won exclusive negotiating rights to build a hotel and entertainment complex, which would be next to the proposed 49ers stadium. Watch the video here.

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The Biggest Optical Illusion In Sports…

It’s been part of our viewing pleasure, practically since baseball was first televised.  It’s the centerfield camera shot.  You know… where we get to see the pitcher, the batter, the ump and the strike zone.  At least once a game, I’ll be thinking…. “You’ve gotta be kidding me… Can’t you hit that?”  or.. “Can’t you throw a strike?”  Well, from the pitcher’s perspective, it looks like you ought to be able to get it over the plate.  From the hitter’s perspective, it looks like you should at least make contact.  Neither are true.  I believe if most people stood on the pitcher’s mound, that strike zone would appear to be about the size of a first class stamp.  Yeah, there are plenty of places the ball will go…. that are not in the strike zone.  And I’m very sure that if you stood in the batter’s box, connecting with a 96 mph cutter would be the least of your problems…. ‘cuz I doubt you would even see the ball.  Well, I guess that’s why they call it The Big Leagues…

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Thiago Alves on latest fight, welterweight division, GSP

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It’s Official-Jerry West Joining The Golden State Warriors As Board Member

Jerry West being added to the Golden State Warriors could be the key to moving them to a playoff contender. Although it’s being billed as “Executive board member” his role has been described as functioning in a “wide-ranging capacity.”

Here’s the press release below.

The Golden State Warriors have added Jerry West as one of the club’s Executive Board members, the team announced today.  Per team policy, terms of the agreement were not announced.

West, who will be introduced to the Bay Area media on Tuesday, joins Joe Lacob, Peter Guber, Vivek Ranadivé, Erika Glazer, Fred Harman, Bob Piccinini and Bruce Karsh on the club’s Executive Board.

West, 72, will assist the Warriors’ ownership group and represent the organization in a wide variety of team-related functions in his role with the club.

The position will encompass various areas and responsibilities, ranging from basketball operations to business, sponsorship and marketing endeavors.

He will report directly to owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber and will travel to the Bay Area frequently while maintaining his Los Angeles-based residence.

“We are elated to add Jerry West and his incredible list of credentials to our Executive Board,” said Warriors Owner Joe Lacob.  “His accomplishments in this business as both a player and executive are almost beyond comprehension and certainly well-documented.  He’s simply a winner and, quite honestly, you can never have too many of those in your organization.  After spending time with him in recent weeks, including a terrific meeting two weeks ago that included Peter Guber, Larry Riley, Bob Myers and our entire Basketball Operations staff, it’s quite evident that he still has an unrelenting passion for the game and the business.  His vast experiences, knowledge, credibility and intuition will benefit our organization on many different levels.  We’re fortunate that we will have the ability to tap into his expertise on a wide-array of subjects on both the basketball and business side of the operation and I would expect that he will be a valuable representative on many fronts.”

“I’m really pleased that we were able to add someone the caliber of Jerry West to our organization,” said Warriors’ Co-Owner Peter Guber.  “He has earned great respect in all circles, including the entire entertainment field, and his business savvy will serve us well and prove invaluable.  Overall, his career has been nothing short of remarkable and his name alone has become synonymous with winning and success.  I could sense his love for the game and tremendous passion during our meetings in recent weeks and I think his attitude will be infectious.  He will be a tremendous resource for us in this particular role and it is also a position that suits Jerry very well at this stage of his life.”

“I’m excited about this opportunity and, quite frankly, humbled that the new ownership group with the Warriors inquired about my interest in joining the organization in this capacity,” said West.  “I’ve had the good fortune to work for two wonderful owners, Dr. Jerry Buss and Michael Heisley,  as an executive and I know that you must have a commitment at the top to succeed.  I sense that is certainly the case with the Warriors or I would not have made this decision.  This role is appealing at this particular time because it will provide me an opportunity to remain close to the game and contribute to an organization in a meaningful, all-encompassing manner.  It had to be the right situation with the right group of people and this opportunity certainly meets those criteria.  I’ve been extremely impressed with Joe Lacob, Peter Guber and the members of the Basketball Operations staff during our conversations and I’m looking forward to working with them and other members of the Warriors’ organization as we move forward.”

A member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, West was a 14-time NBA All-Star during his illustrious 14-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers.  He is one of only seven players in NBA history to play at least 14 seasons in the league and be selected as a member of the All-Star team every year.  Additionally, he ranks 15th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list (25,192 points) and guided the Lakers to nine (9) trips to the NBA Finals and one NBA Championship (1972) as a player.  Overall, he averaged 27.0 points, 6.7 assists and 5.8 rebounds during his 14-year NBA career.

Following his playing career, West spent a successful three-year period as the head coach of the Lakers (1976-79, .589 winning percentage) and a brief three-year tenure as a consultant (1979-82, two NBA titles) with the team before transitioning full-time into the front office, where he spent a total of 18 years with the Lakers as General Manager/Executive VP of Basketball Operations.  During his tenure at the helm of Basketball Operations in Los Angeles, the Lakers captured four (4) NBA Championships (1985, 1987, 1988, 2000) and appeared in the playoffs in 17 of 18 seasons.  West’s most recent foray with an NBA team occurred in Memphis from 2002-2007, when he led the Grizzlies, who had previously never made the playoffs, to three consecutive post-season appearances (2004, 2005, 2006) as the team’s President of Basketball Operations.

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