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Winning.. Can Be A Problem…

I agree with Monty Poole of the San Jose Mercury News.. who’s recent story suggests that success can be hazardous to your career.  Yeah, prosperity can be costly.  The Golden State Warriors had gone years without sniffing the playoffs.  Then, not long after upsetting top seed Dallas one year, GM Chris Mullin was gone.  The last time the 49ers won the NFC West, they actually made it to the second round of the playoffs.  Not good enough… Steve Mariucci was fired.  Rick Adelman had a marvelous run with the Sacramento Kings, and he was then run out of town.  The Giants took it to Game Seven of the 2002 World Series.  What happened to the manager, Dusty Baker?  Oh, gone.  And now, not even a year removed from the uncontrolled euphoria down Market Street, the World Series Champions’ top guy, Bill Neukom, has been escorted out of the building.  So there it is.  Give it all you’ve got… play your heart out… then watch your back.

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