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Take A Pill.. And Call Me In The Morning…

As the pennant chase takes a dark turn for the Giants, there’s a bright light on the horizon… or at least we hope there is.  And hope is a precious commodity now.  Giants minor league prospect Brett Pill, who will turn 27 tomorrow, finally made his Major League debut on Tuesday and hit the first pitch he swung at off the second deck of the Western Metal Supply Company.  Before Duane Kuiper got to “High Drive..” it was gone.  Then yesterday, ho hum…. he another home run. And he’s been in the bigs two days.  A lot of fans are wondering why he wasn’t brought up sooner….  he’s actually older than Matt Cain, Panda, Brandon Belt and of course Madison Bumgarner.  Guess he was biding his time.  It remains to be seen if a nickname will stick… “Pill The Thrill,” “The Pill-ager,” “Brett The Threat,”…..Well, if you keep hittin’, who cares?

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September 8, 2011 at 11:27 am | Tom Nakashima's Blog | No comment

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