Moneyball Is.. Money…

I was wrong about Moneyball. I thought it unlikely that anyone who’s not a baseball fan would be very interested in stats, on-base percentage and the Oakland A’s.  But sure enough, it’s scoring big box office numbers… and as baseball movies go, it’s got plenty of mainstream appeal. But Moneyball is not just about baseball is it?  It’s for anybody who’s ever dreamed of taking on the big guys, of challenging the way things are…  and it’s about believing in yourself.  I loved this movie.  Finding undervalued players is at the core of the story.  And I was wondering if there’s a sabermetrics for offensive linemen?  I mean the 49ers could use some help there…

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A True Homer Is Ready For A Change

Written by ESPN 1320’s resident 49ers homer, Andy Hawk

You might be expecting me to go off on how an ugly win on the road is a good win, and we should get pumped on this team.  The Niners are 2-1 which is a great start.  Heck, if the 49ers beat the Eagles on the road this week I might start talking Superbowl. Well, maybe I’m getting carried away.  However, it will be crazy if they head home 3-1 with complete control of the NFC West.  At this point we can surely talk playoffs.  Besides, an injured Vick with no Maclin could struggle against San Francisco.  LeSean McCoy has looked invincible, but could the Niners #1 defense against-the-run make Philadelphia very vulnerable against the 49ers this week?  Hmmm?


What I, and many other 49er fans, really want to see is the beginning of a new era, or at least a look, in  the backfield.  Frank Gore has looked terrible this year. TERRIBLE.  None of us want to see an injured Frank Gore NOT be able to hit the holes and stumble for 2 yards a carry, again and again.  Hunter and Dixon were the highlights of the NFL pre-season.  Let’s see what they can do!  PLEASE!  Let Gore get healthy or right.  C’mon, he’s had bad ankles for years, bad knees, and he’s coming off hip surgery.  I’m not surprised he has looked the way he has.  Seeing Kendall Hunter exploding through small holes and catching the ball out of the backfield, and moving the chains is what I’m looking forward to watching and listening to on Sunday morning on ESPN 1320.


I even have a new Niner shirt to wear this week. 3 and 1, coming home baby!

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Red Sox Nation.. Seeing Red…

And I thought the Giants Faithful were a little down.  They’re downright giddy compared to what Boston Red Sox fans must be feeling today.  What happened last night, the culmination of a horrendous free fall… was cruelty personified.  They went into September with a nine game lead.. and squandered it away.  No matter how you try and explain it… injuries, weariness, bad karma, the moon not in alignment… you can’t go 7-20 down the stretch and expect a parade.  And the Atlanta Braves, who had a ten game lead over the Cardinals in late August… couldn’t gather any momentum, and lost their final five games.  Goodnight.  The offseason can be long, cold stretch.  It’s especially lonely when you can’t help but feel.. that you choked.

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Raiders/Patriots Game a Sellout For Sunday

For the first time since 2008, the Oakland Raiders have sold out two consecutive games. One of those games was against the Tom Brady-less Patriots. Now Brady returns healthy, and carving up the league. Of course, he is a Bay Area native, so this might be extra special to win. Not to mention his team collapsed against Buffalo last week, so he’s going to be extra focused this week. Good news for Raiders fans. Darren McFadden is showing no lingering effects from groin tightness.

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A’s Will Open 2012 Season in Japan

If you’re an Oakland A’s fan, are you happy that the A’s could start out sluggish after a trip to Japan? I know it’s nice to get exposure, but not when you have a lot of work to do. The other concern is whether Hideki Matsui will even be on the roster. In fact, many players might be out including Josh Willingham and Coco Crisp.

Look for it against Seattle at the Tokyo Dome on March 28 and 29th.

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Michael Vick-100% Sure He Will Start Against the 49ers

Andy Reid says if Vick’s hand isn’t getting any better, Vick wouldn’t start this Sunday against the 49ers. Mike Vick on the other hand said even though walk through was painful, he is 100% sure he will start.

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Bryan Stow Goes Outside For 1st Time in 6 Months

They went from hearing Bryan Stow whisper “I Love You” to his kids a couple of weeks ago, to taking his first walk outside in over 6 months. It’s truly an amazing story of recovery that deserves it’s own day next year at AT&T Park.

Stow was said to look directly at the sun and say “it’s magical.” It sounds like he still speaking in small thoughts, rather than full conversations, but his memory is sharp, and his sense of humor is intact.

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A note regarding “Mike & Mike” and “The Herd”

Effective Monday, September 26th, “Mike & Mike In The Morning” can now be heard from 6:00am to 10:00am on ESPN 1320.  While they used to only occupy the 3:00am to 7:00am slot, we feel this additional prime-time exposure will serve you (the audience) on a high level, providing top-tier guests, intriguing discussions, and light-hearted sports entertainment on-par with the best in the country.   “Mike & Mike” are the ONLY sports morning show in Sacramento, viewed both locally and nationally among the most credible, respected duos in the business.  We are excited to share their style with a larger audience, and look forward to having them be a greater player in our commitment to being the best sports radio station in the area.


In adding “Mike & Mike” to this later morning period, “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” has been removed from the lineup of 1320.  The reasoning has everything to do with the potential benefits that Mike & Mike bring to you (our audience), and shouldn’t reflect poorly upon “The Herd…”  Cowherd had been a part of the station since we signed on in 2007, and he has provided consistently compelling radio.  We would welcome the opportunity to return his show to our airwaves in another time-frame, should a proper opportunity present itself.  At this point in time, that is not feasible.


On a positive note for fans of Colin, you can still hear “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on Sacramento radio.  His show will continue to be broadcast live every weekday (7:00am to 10:00am) on 107.9 FM’s HD-2 signal.  You will need an HD-Radio receiver in order to hear this broadcast.


As always, I invite you to send me an email if you have further questions or comments.  We appreciate your support of sports in our region, and thank you for listening to ESPN 1320.




Brian Lopez

Program Director, ESPN 1320

(916) 349-1320

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Was That The “Deke” Of The Year?

My reaction was…”Wait a minute… what just happened there?”  Late in the Bears-Packers game, the Chicago Bears nearly  pulled off one of the great misdirection plays in the history of televised football.  The Pack, with a comfortable lead, punted to Chicago.  Then, things got more than a little weird.  Devin Hester, the most dangerous return man in football, pretended to drift under the ball… and so did his teammates.  The Packers headed straight for him.  But the ball actually came down on the other side of the field, where it was caught by Johnny Knox, who streaked down the right sideline for a touchdown… or so we thought.  A holding call negated what will be remembered as one of the coolest trick plays in the NFL archives.  Actually, Joe Buck didn’t get too excited about it… I kind of wish Al Michaels had the call.

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Put Us Out Of Our Misery…

Of course it’s a dagger in the heart of the ever loyal Giants fans, who’ve grinded out every at-bat, every heartbreaking loss.  But come on, it’s been damned entertaining.  With the absolutely woeful, impotent offense… these guys should have finished in the cellar.  Only the pitching has kept them in contention for this long.  I mean, it seems like they’ve lost 100 games 2-1 or 1-0…. It happened over and over again.  I know, if Tim Lincecum had been with the Yankees, he’d be 21-6.  Same with Matt Cain. We get it.  But it’s a tough game, and there’s a fine line between an empty stadium and a packed house.  You played your asses off, and it didn’t work out.  So hold your heads high.  All in all, it’s been quite a ride.  Can’t wait for spring training.

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