Niner fans are understandably anxious about tomorrow.  We don’t know what we’re going to get.  What started out as unbridled optimism turned south pretty quickly, especially after last week’s embarrassing debacle against Houston.  Of course, it’s only preseason but a bad night is a bad night.  Even Head Coach Jim Harbaugh seemed at a loss for words.  I enjoyed the Barry Tompkins piece on what Jim really means.  JH Answer:  “We’re in training camp mode.”  What JH really means:  “Right now, we suck.”  Matter of fact, this is kind of a pattern these days… and I don’t blame him.  When he says “I have a lot of respect for Taylor Mays”..  I think he means “I’m glad he’s not in our secondary.”  “Their offense will be a challenge..” is code for… “I hope they don’t drop 60 on us.”  How about Colin Kaepernick?  “I just want to get better every day.”  Which means  “I’m so confused I can’t even think straight.”  And when the coach says “I don’t want to single anyone out.”  I think he means “What was Joe Staley doing while they were running by him… taking pictures?”

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Giants Make Major Moves Today-Rowand/Tejada Sent Packing

Well, you could argue that the Giants should have had the guts to do this weeks ago, but they finally made a major statement. You can’t keep trotting out excuses, you need to make a bold move(s) and they certainly did that. Miguel Tejada is gone and so is Aaron Rowand. Two guys who are overpaid underachievers. Upset about playing time, and their roles, perhaps they needed to be axed first. It gives a guy like Brett Pill with solid power numbers a chance to shine. Also, activate Pat Burrell from the DL, and things now look a little more interesting. If this doesn’t shake a clubhouse to it’s core, nothing will. Let’s see if they have a pulse tonight.

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Witness To A Meltdown…

Don’t blame Tim Lincecum for those gopher balls he served up.  Here’s my take on the situation… The Giants have had a first class pitching staff, and a last place offense.  Sooner or later, the bottom drags down the top.  You just can’t ask a pitcher to throw a shutout every single game.  Giving up one run is fine… but when it gets to two, the roof caves in. He’s thinking “Oh no… we’re sunk now..”  You can see it in the body language.  It’s happened to Timmy, to Cain, to Vogelsong and to Mad Bum.  The shocking thing is they haven’t snapped… thrown tantrums, taken hostages.  And Shawn Estes says “Well, you can’t think that way.”  Guess what Sherlock, they’re all thinking that way, ‘cuz they’re human.  I’d bet the Huntington Beach Little Leaguers could take two out of three from the Giants.  I wish I was kidding…

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Watch Billy Crystal Film Movie About Giants Farm Team Announcer

Billy Crystal was down in Fresno over the weekend on the hottest day of the year. Of course the Giants Triple-A farm club the Fresno Grizzlies play there. He’s doing a movie about Grizzlies broadcaster Artie Decker. Bette Midler is also said to be in the movie. Take a look.

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Desperate Measures…

Ask any Giants fan…. These are desperate times. After last night’s embarrassing loss to the lowly Houston Astros (again), you get the feeling Bruce Bochy’s gonna blow his top.  And with that size 8 ¼ noggin, that could do a lot more damage than that little 5.8 quake the other day.  Yeah, former minor league journeyman Henry Sosa was pitching on three days rest, and the Giants hitters turned Henry into Bob Gibson.  It was like watching the Hindenburg in slow motion… you know what’s about to happen, and you can’t stop it.  So what do you do, bench some guys?  It’s slim pickings there.   They’ve got more guys that are bedridden than a hospital ship.  How ‘bout the young dudes?  If you’re gonna fail, I’d rather lose with Brandon Crawford, Brett Pill, Gary Brown, Darren Ford and Eric Surkamp.  How could they be worse than your current killer lineup?  Oh by the way…  before last night, Houston had lost 25 of 30 games on the road.  Did I say it was hard to watch?

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Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Tied to Alleged Drug Kingpin

This is the kind of news that the Golden State Warriors franchise doesn’t need-new coach Mark Jackson has ties to an alleged drug kingpin. I never thought I’d say this, but Nellie is actually starting to look good again. If you’re the new ownership group, trying to set the tone for a new era for the franchise, boy, this is setting it alright. Maybe guru Jerry West will polish it up all sparkly clean.

Warren Braithwaite is the guy in question. He has been accused of being the kingpin of a massive marijuana distribution chain that brought drugs in from Mexico into Arizona to turn into a bigger operation. Do you think the Warriors are saying, “BUT if he could rebound!”

Braithwaite is in jail, while he waits for a trial date. Still no word from Mark Jackson, although we do know this friend of his was with him at the press conference announcing he was leaving broadcasting. 4 days later he was arrested.  Radar Online has more about the relationship.

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An Invitation to Play Well and Feel Good!

Sacramento City Councilmember Rob Fong loves golf almost as much as he loves giving back to his community. Now, he has found a way to do both—at the same time!


Fong’s third annual Faith and Homeless Families charity golf tournament supports families that need a helping hand out of homelessness through the gift of housing, and mentors to guide them along the way.


The golf tournament is scheduled for the Alister MacKenzie Golf Course at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on September 9, 2011. The shotgun start begins at 1:30pm.


Fong would welcome both new players and sponsors for the four person Callaway scramble event. Your $125 entry fee also entitles you to a great dinner after golf. Your sponsorship entitles you to know that you’ve helped families re-build their lives. Seems like a win-win to me!


For more information, please contact Nora Benavides at (916) 281-6930 or n_bb@comcast.net.

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Giants claim Padres closer Heath Bell

Does the team with the best bullpen in baseball really need Heath Bell from the Padres. Well apparently, as the Giants have claimed him off waivers. Although Arizona GM Kevin Towers was rumored to also be going after Bell. So was it a move to block the D-backs, or is Brian Wilson just that hurt? Let’s see if both teams can agree on a trade first.

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Notes from The 49ers Homer 8/24/11

The following is from special contributor, Andy Hawk.  He’s our resident “49ers Homer.”  Enjoy…


Let’s not get THAT  excited about the dominant pre-season win over the Raiders last weekend!!  Besides, the Raiders are REALLY bad.  If the Raiders win only three games this year would anyone honestly be surprised?  Just look at their schedule and try and find 4 wins.  Now I am not saying the Niners are going to win 12 games this year either, but they certainly don’t have to.  Weekly improvement will get the job done in the NFC WEST .  Improvement is what we saw last week and will continue.  Let’s look at what the Niners have.


1.    An improved secondary through free agency at almost every position.

2.    Improved pass rush with Brooks looking strong and first round draft pick Aldon Smith looking more accomplished at the position in two Pre-season games than Manny Lawson did in five seasons.

3.    Improved at the wide receiver position with a hungry, or should I say starving to prove himself Braylon Edwards.  Plus the scheme of a West coast offense will show much better numbers for the receivers as a whole.

4.    Believe it or not, even with the awful pre-season game in New Orleans – the offensive line will be better this year.   Honestly, that first Pre-season game might prove to be the best thing that ever happened to them.  The line will be more

mature this season, they are currently healthier, in much better shape, and are better at the Center position by acquiring Goodwin from the Saints.


AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, the coaching will be 100 percent better.  The 49ers were the WORST coached  team in the NFL last year.  They have a ton of talent, but good talent and terrible coaching lead to 6 wins last year.  What will slightly improved talent with good coaching do?  hmmm.


Winning the NFC WEST does not seem that far off at all when you spell it all out.  The Seahawks still have a worse QB situation than the Niners and the Cardinals have a QB with a huge contract who has a lower career QB rating than Alex Smith.  Are we really ready to anoint THE RAMS to kings of the division? I’m not.  Weekly improvement under Harbaugh CAN win the NFC West this season.


I’m  Andy Hawk your official 49er homer and I can’t wait to take in the 3rd pre-season game vs. the Texans this Saturday on ESPN 1320.   Click here to email me.

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Should Frank Gore Be a ’49er For Life’

I give credit to Jim Harbaugh. He’s playing the press perfectly in this Frank Gore contract talk. Singletary would’ve said “Frank Gore’s contact? I have to go look at the film.” Harbaugh says it’s “water cooler talk” and he doesn’t see any ill will from Gore in camp. Perfect.

So is it smart for the 49ers to give Gore a lifetime contact as Trent Baalke says? Is a running back who’s 29 that hasn’t played a full season in six years worth DeAngelo Williams money? (five years, $43 million, $21 million guaranteed). I’m thinking “no” unless it’s half loaded in incentives, like his current contract. Maybe 2-3 years would be reasonable with a nice signing bonus?

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