Phillies Sweep Giants.. Oh Wait…

You could just feel it…  This was the payback series for the Phillies fans.  How could the Left Coast Misfits steal the thunder from the vaunted Phils last year?  The Giants got lucky, they got all the breaks, they got hot at just the right time…they’re a fluke, and on and on and on.   But not this time, not in the Phillies ballpark.  The Phils pitching is the best in the bigs… their bats will maul you, and they haven’t lost two games in a row at home since April 19.  They’re the big dogs… and they know it.  But things got real quiet yesterday, as sick little Tim Lincecum and the Giants bullpen shut down Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Shane Victorino on the way to taking two of three.  Talk about putting a damper on the festivities…  kind of like that shower in the late innings.  Obviously I still think the Philadelphia Phillies are the team to beat, but on this day… the silence was deafening.  Oh, did I mention… the Phillies hadn’t lost two in a row at home since April 19th?

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49ers Likely Out of the Nnamdi Asomugha Sweepstakes

So 49ers fans, how are you feeling? Michael Crabtree out with serious foot issues, Frank Gore’s a holdout, there’s virtually no secondary, David Baas is gone, etc. Your big splash is that you’ve signed a much injured kicker, and now it looks like you can waive goodbye to Nnamdi Asomugha. The Jets and Dallas are said to be the major players left.

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Who’s Going to Start for the Giants Sunday? It Might Be Eric Surkamp

The plot thickens for the San Francisco Giants. Who will be there starter on Sunday? We know it won’t be Jonathan Sanchez who was in and out the whole game in Fresno according to pitching coach Dave Righetti. Barry Zito is likely not to start thanks to him giving up 14 runs in two outings. Could the Giants ask left hander Eric Surkamp to come up?

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The San Francisco Giants/Brian Sabean Conference Call

This morning San Francisco Giants GM Brian Sabean had a conference call with reporters. He discussed Carlos Beltran and why they felt comfortable trading away a top prospect in Zach Wheeler. Also, are the Giants done in the trade market, or wil they still pursue a catcher and/or a shortstop.

Read the transcript.

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Giants Land The Biggest Fish…

The speculation was mind boggling.  Oh, it’ll never be Beltran… It’ll be Cuddyer… no BJ Upton… no Hunter Pence…And when the tweets were coming in yesterday, they literally were changing by the moment.  The Giants are giving up Gary Brown… no, it’s Brown, Jonathan Sanchez and Zack Wheeler.  No, they’re giving up 4 blocks of Chinatown and Lombard Street… But it’s over.  Six time All Star Carlos Beltran will be in the lineup today as a San Francisco Giant.  I can’t wait until he returns to AT & T Park.  Jeff Keppinger got a standing ovation when he came out of the dugout for the first time.  Keppinger!  When Beltran strides to the plate… there could be a police escort, fly-over… and a parade.  Does this guarantee that the offense will improve?  No.  But I like our chances.

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The Harbaugh Era.. It’s On…

I know, it’s been hard to watch the sinking ship known as the 49ers these past few seasons.  Nolan’s awful… Singletary’s a disaster… how can you bring Alex Smith back!  You’ve heard it all.  And now, Takeo Spikes is shown the door… and say goodbye to center David Baas.  The dominos are beginning to fall as summer camp finally gets rolling, and more are falling by the minute.  Is there a lot of room for improvement?  Of course..  and this is a monstrous work in progress.  But in my view, the wild card is Jim Harbaugh. The new coach is just nutty enough… passionate, wound-up and committed to a fault to make a difference in these underachievers.  The 49ers won all of 6 games last year.  But 7 games won the division.   SEVEN!  So who’s playbook do you want out there, Harbaugh’s… or Singletary’s?  I rest my case.

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Carlos Beltran Deal Is Close To Done For the San Francisco Giants

The question all along has been, what would the San Francisco Giants be willing to part with to get Carlos Beltran. It looks like highly touted pitching prospect Zach Wheeler is one of those people, alongside center fielder Gary Brown.

How much the Mets are willing to cover in Beltran’s contract is also an issue. Obviously, how this plays out for Andres Torres, Cody Ross, Nate Schierholtz remains to be seen too. Beltran started his career in center, but has now been playing right field.

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A Summary of 49ers President Jed York’s Conference Call

Jed York sat down for a conference call earlier today with reporters, and everything is covered. From sharing a stadium with the Raiders-which seems like it’s a possibility-to free agents. It does look like the 49ers will be signing people, the question is who? York seems to think retaining 49er players is the key, rather than spending a boat load of money on other talent.

Read the highlights here.

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The President Makes Time…

While this visit was under the radar for the rest of the country, I think the Giants Faithful were thrilled that the President of the United States made time to honor the World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Sure, this has been a yearly tradition since President Reagan’s time in the White House, but these were The Misfits… and it was great to see the SFGiants video of the ceremony.  Within an hour, the President would prepare to address the nation.  With critical economic troubles looming, it’s hard to imagine one human being having this much on his plate.  Bill Neukom has got to be thinking….”Wow, I can sure relate to the debt crisis… I mean we’ve got Barry Zito….”

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Watch the Giants Visit the White House Today at 1pm

Everybody has been talking about the San Francisco Giants visit to the White House today, and rightfully so. I think Brian Wilson’s wardrobe has taken more interest than anything. He says he will tone it down, as they were instructed on how to dress in a memo.

You can stream the visit below today at 1pm. (7/25)

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