If Wiffle Ball Is Kickin’ Your Ass, I’ve Got Some Bad News For You…

Are we becoming a nation of wussies?  Or are we already there?  Saw a story in HolyTaco.com that reported that the state of New York has recently released a new list of “dangerous” activities that summer camps need to keep out of their programs.  A few things on the list:  Dodgeball, Wiffle Ball and Kickball.  Too dangerous?  Lawn darts I can understand.  Shooting BBs at each other?… okay, I get it.  But Dodgeball?  Of course you’ll get popped in the noggin’ a few times.  But it builds character.  I used to love Dodgeball… and I lived.  For God’s sakes, take a hit once in a while.  Let me tell you somethin’ kid…  If Wiffle Ball is kickin’ your ass, I’ve got some bad news for you… about life.

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Keith Smart Is Out As Warriors Coach

As rumored, the Golden State Warriors have officially decided not to bring back Keith Smart. He had an option for next season. Smart was a favorite with the players, and improved the wins by 10 over last season. However, the new management felt they still gave up too many points per game, and will look elsewhere. Ric Bucher says Phil Jackson?

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Is Nate Schierholtz Being Used As Trade Bait?

The new San Francisco Giants rumor today was that utility outfielder Nate Schierholtz is being shopped around to other teams. What do you get for him in return? Not much in all likelihood. Things are getting pretty crowded in the Giants outfield, who will have Andres Torres returning from the DL soon.

Not only that, but they may have to make a decision at SS too.

More at Bleacher Report.

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Kevin Johnson Gives An Update On Saving the Kings

Kevin Johnson gave another press conference to give yet another update on the state of the Sacramento Kings. He said today was about getting 25 businesses to commit to what they already had verbally. He said they not only delivered quick than expected, but they also gave more than predicted, to the tune of over $10 million.

News 10 has more.

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Brian Wilson Let’s You Touch His Beard

Call it juvenile, or call it entertaining. Giants closer Brian Wilson’s video is fun, at least for a couple of minutes. He first greets you in his usual Wilson speak, even using the Charlie Sheen “warlock” term. He then urges you to grab your mouse and pet his beard, after telling you he’d never let you do it in real life.

When you put your mouse over it, it makes a crinkling noise. It’s mildly cool and amusing.

Check it out for yourself.

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Shocker.. Bonds Was Evasive…

This time, Barry didn’t get a walk.  It’s a conviction on a single count of obstruction of justice.  The jurors couldn’t decide on the perjury stuff.  Well, actually on one of the perjury counts, they did decide…. except for a lone holdout.  I don’t want to minimize the judicial process, but this is an awful lot of time, effort, testimony, migraine inducing research and money… for this result.  In the end, it was determined that Barry Bonds was evasive.  Yikes.. that’s some breaking news.  And, as in life… a group of people aren’t always on the same page, are they?  Matter of fact, I don’t think you can get 12 people to agree that the sun goes down at night.

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The Last Goodbye…

Wouldn’t you know it.. the last night will be filled with Lakers fans.  You don’t think they’ll rub it in our faces do you?  Well, what can you do?  What is likely to be the Kings final game in Sacramento will elicit plenty of emotions, not just at the arena but for thousands of fans watching the broadcast.  Anger, sadness, pride, futility, frustration, loss… yeah, we feel all of that.  Near the end of “The Cincinnati Kid,” Ladyfingers asks.. “You still playin’ Kid?”  He says softly.. “No, I’m through.”

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Watch Chris Webber Talk About Trying To Keep Kings In Sacramento

Alongside his usual team of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley, Chris Webber shared his thoughts on keeping the Kings in Sacramento. In fact, he surprised everybody by saying he is part of a group trying to do that very thing. He said, he couldn’t talk about it at length, but he’s definitely involved.

Watch the video

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Brian Stow’s Friend Describes Scene at Dodgers Stadium

We have heard a lot about Brian Stow, since the attack on him and his friends at Dodgers Stadium, during that Giants game. This is really the first time that someone that was involved has given a lengthy interview.

Several events took place before the major hit on Stow. It’s interesting to hear his friend describe the atmosphere being hostile the moment they walked through the gate.

Read the full interview.

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Want A Giants Championship Ring? It’s Going to Cost You

So, you watched the ring ceremony at AT&T Park with the Giants Saturday night. You saw the rings in all of there glory. You heard the stories about how a few of the players couldn’t get the rings off even!

Why not have your last name put on the side, and you own a replica version of what they have. Yeah, that sounds pretty easy, right? After all, you can get a replica hockey jersey that’s fairly affordable. Why not a ring?

Then, I looked into and FORGET IT! The cheapest version is going to run you $429! You could buy a few replica jerseys for that price, if not more! The top end for the best replica Giants ring will run you $3500.

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