Mike Bibby Could Be Bought Out In Washington

UPDATE: Bibby has been bought out in Washington officially.

Mike Bibby as a Wizard has been down right bad. Of course, he’s only been there a couple of games. The stat line reads 2 points and 1-9 from the field. Bibby blames it on being rusty from the All-Star break, but maybe the rust is from being traded to the Wizards. His agent may negotiate a buyout and supposedly playoff contenders are interested.

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Did The Raiders Overpay For Routt?

The Oakland Raiders decided not to overspend on Nnamdi Asomugha, so they decided to overspend for Stanford Routt instead? They weren’t exactly in a bidding war with anybody. He is a versatile corner, but we will have to see if they paid too much. The deal is said to be worth 3-years, $31.5 million with $20 million for the first two years. So what’s Nnamdi worth now?

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Let’s Just Be Glad.. We Had Some Time To Spend Together…

It’s an insult, a slap-in-the face, it’s heartbreaking… it’s long overdue.  However way you want to describe your feelings, you get the sense that our NBA franchise is leaving town. Of course the Maloofs are frustrated…so are the fans.   Who wouldn’t be?    And although talk of relocation has come up before, this time it feels more sinister.  In the midst of all this negativity, the Kings shocked the Orlando Magic last night with a gutsy, spectacular performance.  I thought of all of the unforgettable moments we’ve been witness to…  with Vlade, Peja, C-Webb and Spud Webb.  The last-second wins, holding on against the Lakers… the decibel level so high you couldn’t hear yourself think.  Yeah, we’re small market but we’re proud.  At least we were.  I’ll keep a good thought…. For The Good Times.

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The Golden State Warriors Mid Season Report Card


Where would you rank the Golden State Warriors at this point in the season? Keith Smart has done a real nice job with the ballclub. There’s good chemistry in the locker room, and the team added some toughness with David Lee. They have made some major improvements, with the ownership group and Nellie out of the picture too.

SB Nation has graded every player on the roster. See if you agree.


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Tejada May Offer Pablo Sandoval Help

AT&T Park
First, it was Barry Bonds, but he might be busy soon. Enter in new teammate Miguel Tejada, who may offer himself to be Pablo Sandoval’s workout partner. Tejada has proven how durable he is over his career, and it has a lot to do with how he takes care of himself.

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Jose Guillen’s Next Move-Possible Retirement

You think the Giants want Jose Guillen back? Mr. “I didn’t make the playoff roster, so I’m gonna pout at home?!” Yeah, I don’t think so. In fact, Guillen probably buried his career officially, after that stunt. So, now what? It looks like he’s having his agent field for offers. If Guillen doesn’t get one in the next week, he’s going to retire. You know what, GOOD! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, loser! I guess he won’t be needing that HGH anymore.

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Dunk This…

In the days of Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and even the great Spud Webb, the NBA Slam Dunk Contest used to be an earth shattering event.  It seems like the “cool factor” has worn off a bit now.  Not as many slammers want to get involved, for a variety of reasons.  Maybe it’s the risk of injury… maybe it’s the money (isn’t it always the money?).  Maybe it’s because just about every conceivable outrageous dunk has been done already.  And it used to be just a guy and a ball.  Nowadays, there are supporting actors, guys jumping over candles, people holding props, choreographed dunk routines.   What is this… an episode of Glee?  Still, there is that moment when someone blows the roof off.  It could happen.

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Tyreke Evans Will Not Take Part In All-Star Festivities

Many have been wondering whether Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans would take part in the NBA All-Star Freshman/Sophomore game this weekend. How bad would it have looked for Tyreke to miss games with the Kings, only to play in All-Star action? It looks like that question has been answered. Evans will not play, and rest his foot until Tuesday. That’s probably a good move. Oklahoma City’s James Harden will take his place.

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So He Hates SF…

I’m sure you’ve seen the story by now… San Diego Padres ace pitcher Mat Latos has signed a few baseballs with “I Hate SF” under his signature.  I guess he’s having a little fun, and the sale of the baseballs will raise money for charity.  Good.  But thanks for reminding me of last season’s closing days.  The Padres owned the Giants last year, and the NL West title came down to the final day, with you on the mound.   As I recall, not only did you fail to beat the Giants in Game 162, you gave up a triple in the gap… to lefty Jonathan “Let’s Watch Him Go” Sanchez.   As they say in poker, “You don’t have to win every hand… just the last one.”  So we’re lookin’ forward to a great rivalry again this year… with you on the hill, backed up by Adrian Gonzalez.  Oh wait..  you don’t have Adrian anymore, do you?

SD Dirk photo

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Padres Pitcher Signs Ball “I Hate SF!”

Mat Latos

We knew we didn’t like Mat Latos already. The Padres pitcher said last season that the Padres didn’t need to make a bunch of moves to be in the playoff hunt. Yeah, well I bet he wishes the Padres did something now, especially after watching the Giants win it all.

Now, he’s taken his love a step further. He has signed a baseball “I hate SF.” You think this guy isn’t going to get booed out of AT&T next time he pitches?

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pic-SD Dirk

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