Floating Golf Course for Maldives by Frank LaRosa

If you get a little queasy on the tee when facing the prospect of carrying a tiny pond or dried-up creek bed, then this should be a real gut buster for you.


Threatened by rising oceans, the atoll nation of Maldives where an estimated 80 percent of the land is no more than three feet above sea level is making plans to build a floating golf course and convention center.


The island country in the Indian Ocean has signed an agreement with Dutch Docklands, which has already built man-made islands in Dubai, to begin researching the floating golf course project.


Kinda’ makes a little pond like Geary Lake seem inconsequential.

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Western Intercollegiate Set by Frank LaRosa

The 64th annual Western Intercollegiate golf tournament will be played April 17-18 at the Alister MacKenzie designed Pasatiempo Golf Club in Santa Cruz. Proudly hosted by the San Jose State Spartans men’s golf team, the highly competitive event attracts 11 teams to the spectacular venue for the 54-hole event. Golfers will have an opportunity to tee it up with standout players in the College-Am on Friday, April 16 or join the gallery to follow their favorite team on the weekend.

Accomplished players who’ve claimed title to The Western include Bobby Clampett, Peter Jacobson, Mark Lye, Johnny Miller, Mark O’Meara, and Ken Venturi. U.S. Open Champion, SJSU alumnus and Western Intercollegiate ’51 and ’53 medalist Venturi recalls “Some of my fondest collegiate memories are from when I was competing in The Western at Pasatiempo. I’m happy to know it still remains a premier west coast event for collegiate players and their teammates.”

For more information about participating in the College-Am or for sponsorship opportunities, visit www.westernintercollegiate.net or call John Kennaday at (408) 892-4911. For information about Pasatiempo Golf Club, lodging and trip planning, visit: www.pasatiempo.com.

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