Getting Up and Down for Par by Frank LaRosa

We all want to hit it far…but getting it up and down from around the green may actually be more satisfying to you. The way to make par when you’ve left your ball short and right of the green is to get those chips and pitches close to the hole.

A chip shot will have more roll than air time and is normally played when you’re close to the green. The goal is to lag the ball as close to the hole as possible. Start by positioning the ball to the rear of your stance, with your hands slightly forward and your head still. Swing more with an arms only motion like a putt and strike the ball with a descending blow before the club hits the ground.

You can experiment with different clubs to see how far the ball will roll as the goal would be to have one swing and let the many clubs in your bag do the work. I guarantee your score will come down…and you’re going to feel a lot more confident standing over those shorter putts for par.

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Hard Driving Harry’s Golfer’s Hand Healer by Frank LaRosa

It’s called Hard Driving Harry’s golfers hand healer and the remarkable product line is the brainchild of Sterling Ellison and Richard Marks of Northern California’s Sterling Ellison company. They produce high end organic 100% vegan skin rejuvenation products. Hard Driving Harry’s and Hard Driving Harriet’s golfers hand healers are the perfect cure for any golfer’s dry, chapped, and cracked hands…especially this time of year.

Where other lotions might use water as a first ingredient, the non-greasy Hard Driving Harry’s uses pure organic aloe. Sterling says the company “just wants to provide high quality products that work—that do what they say they do. The fact that they are vegan and organic are a bonus.” They just released Hard Driving Harry’s SPF 15 lip balm in four flavors. I think I’m partial to pomegranate!

Hard Driving Harry’s is currently available at the Sacramento City golf course shops with new locations opening soon. For more information, visit

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