Play the Right Ball by Frank LaRosa

Golf balls come in many different designs and configurations including number of layers, dimple patterns, compression, materials, and more. How do you pick the golf balls you play? Is it by price? Or do you play the ball your favorite player uses? Some are better suited for your game while others might make it tougher on you.


Srixon recognizes some of us want a longer ball while others are looking for a ball that spins. That’s why they’ve created their custom ball fitter online. A series of questions about you and your game will result in a recommendation that should work well for you.


The fitter suggested the Z-Star ball for me based on my swing speed, length off the tee, importance of spin to my game and more. The Z-Star is a low compression ball with an extremely soft feel. I like the feel around the greens and off the putter and it’s still plenty long off the tee. For swing speeds over 105 miles per hour, the Z-Star X would be your choice. Both balls were rated maximum 5 stars in the 2009 Golf Digest Hot List for performance, innovation and feel. Check it out at

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