Photo Ball Marker Great Gift by Frank LaRosa

A good friend of mine says he marks his ball, “with a tree!” But I want to know how you mark your ball on the green? Ken and Charlotte Barley have a better idea with their unique Photo Ball Marker.


The fun part is that you provide the photo. Maybe the photo is your children, or the hole where you had your ace, or the family Saint Bernard. Photo Ball Marker will create a high resolution image on a 1 inch ball marker, with uv protection to keep it from fading and a hard epoxy cover. It can also be produced as a hat clip or divot tool. This is a great gift idea for any golfer…and certainly a gift good enough to give yourself.


It’s easy to create a photo ball marker online in minutes. Just upload your photo and follow the simple instructions and you should have your ball markers in about 10 days. Three markers of the same photo or different photos are yours for $24.95 plus shipping and handling and they guarantee your satisfaction. Visit to get started.


I’m not sure marking my ball with a photo of my children makes me a better putter, but it does make me smile…even if I’m facing a 40 foot downhill double breaker.

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Zip, Zip…Zooray by Frank LaRosa

Everyone loves a few tap-in pars during a round and if you’re looking to save a couple of strokes off your score, it may be easier around the green than off the tee by getting your wedge shots closer to the pin. A wedge like the CG15 Zip Groove from Cleveland Golf will give you the confidence to get the job done.


Choosing a wedge is almost mystical. It has to look right and more importantly feel right. Breakthrough milling technology from Cleveland has created 25% bigger grooves – zip grooves for more zip and shot consistency. A laser-milled face with four perfectly calibrated texture lines between each groove gives you a rougher surface and more spin. If that weren’t enough, Cleveland Golf’s design team came up with a wider sole near the heel and narrower near the toe to optimize contact.


Cleveland’s three-bounce fitting system gives you a choice for your kind of swing. If your swing is upright and you’re a digger, go for more bounce. If you’re more of a sweeper with a flatter swing, go for less. More or less, the right fit means less strokes. The CG15 Zip Groove wedge is available in chrome, black pearl and oil quench finishes. Try it at your local pro shop or learn more online at





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“Going Home” to Mather by Frank LaRosa, Golf To Go

It was inevitable that I’d be looking back in order to look forward on a recent visit to Mather Golf Course. It was a few too-many years ago that I teed it up for the first time. I was living at Mather AFB and my father was an aircraft commander flying B-52s all around the world. I lived about a half mile from the course and played often that first summer.


I hope I appear to have aged as well as Mather because the course has matured wonderfully and is maintained in much better condition than I remember. The layout is challenging, the greens top notch, and the service came with a smile.


General Manager, Asa Jennings, has preserved the military theme with old photos, artifacts, and other subtle tributes to “back in the day” when the Air Force base population was at its peak. Mather Field was established as an airfield and pilot training school in 1918. Over the years in supported small military units and was used for pilot and navigator training.


In 1958, the Strategic Air Command assigned a B-52 squadron to Mather and pilots and crews were “on alert” 24/7 and in the event of a global crisis, could be fully operational and in the air in mere minutes.


Mather operated its own housing, schools, hospital, and recreational facilities in addition to being an operational air field. In 1959, Irish designer Jack Fleming designed a golf course to take advantage of natural wildlife and wide-open terrain. Some describe Mather as a “long course,” and while some of the par-4s are a bit of a handful, I find much of the distance offset by fairways with a lot of roll out.


Although I was on a “memory-high,” I was able to remain grounded as I surveyed the golf course. My observations were backed-up by the rest of my foursome. Each compliment about course conditioning was trumped by another about the fun factor. Mather is all there in front of you. There are no hidden dangers. The result is a course with room to miss off the tee and still score well. It’s challenging…yet playable. Our comments kept coming back to one. In a word, it was “fun!”


Fun is important to Jennings as he regularly schedules events that reach out to the surrounding community with special tournaments, art shows, veterans’ events, and more. Mather’s 50th anniversary was celebrated in 2009 and the term “oldie but a goodie comes to mind.”


For more information or to schedule a tee time, visit or call (916) 364-4354.


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Face-off with Feherty

David Feherty is one of the funniest guys on television. His golf commentary is not only insightful but quite humorous, especially when he’s bagging on his buddy, Gary McCord. Now, you can ask Feherty to address something about your golf game that’s been plaguing you. Face-off with Feherty on the Cobra Golf website is great fun. Enjoy…

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Hot New Irons From Cobra Golf by Frank LaRosa

We golfers are a demanding lot. We’re always looking for more. We want more distance, more accuracy, more playability….and don’t think of overlooking our biggest more…more forgiveness!


Well, Cobra Golf has given us more in their new S2 irons; more than I could have imagined—in a high performance package that’s pleasing to the eye. And that’s not easily accomplished in a world of cavity design golf clubs.


It’s difficult to imagine how Cobra Golf is able deliver on our wants for more and also our desires for a club that looks good behind the ball. When you look down at address and you don’t get a positive feeling, you can be sure the next shot is going short and right. The Cobra S2 top-line design says, “Swing as hard as you want!”


The S2 offers all the technology club geeks will want including optimized heel-toe weighting with lightweight polymer materials and increased MOI along with a unique Mid-width Stepped Sole. The bottom line is that these clubs work—on the course, under everyday playing conditions.


Cobra’s lead design engineer, Ryan Roach, offers his observations and answers golfers’ questions in a unique forum on Facebook. He says the approximate 5 yards extra distance is real and due to several design elements.


I’ve always been impressed with Cobra Golf as a company that understands their market. We enjoy the game. We love to score low. And we want the latest technology in a clean, affordable design. They listen. And they deliver.


As one of the comments on Facebook goes, “I want these irons.”

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