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Designer handbags now available at Costco

This is great, now you can buy 80 rolls of toilet paper, a crate of easy mac, and a Louis bag all in one stop!

The Snuggie Sauna

Yep, now you can use your snuggie to burn 600 calories in 15 minutes! Read about it here

Want to have awesome looking boobs everyday?

Just have a bra SURGICALLY IMPLANTED INTO YOUR BODY! No joke, click the link to read about it.

The strangest 911 call ever

I promise you will be forwarding this story to everyone you know. It\’s over the top.

The woman with 2 vajays

Damn… these stories only seem to happen on Tyra.

Rihanna on Good Morning America

We have to wait until tomorrow to see her talk specifically about the night of the attack… but this is still a pretty amazing clip.  Thoughts?

1 in 5 Men are sending THIS on text to their guy friends

What is it? Click here to find out

Cowboys cheerleader dresses like Lil Wayne— gets suspended

As you can imagine, this did not go over well with Jerry Jones.

And the black friday details start to leak…

Want the inside scoop on what deals you can expect this year? We have all of the info here

Jingle Ball Preview– Justin Bieber on Ellen

Yes, this is the reason your kids are begging you to buy them tickets.  See what the hype is about here.  By the way, he was signed to a record deal after posting videos of himself on youtube.  I’ve had youtube clips of my musical theater performances up for months and nobody is offering me a role on broadway.  Maybe it’s because Bieber has better hair.