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Bad 90’s TV never goes away…

It just gets reinvented on the CW network.

As if the crap-tacular 90210 remake wasn’t enough, the CW has now announced plans to bring back another Aaron Spelling classic….

Guess who's back...back again... Melrose is back...Tell a friend

Guess who's back…back again… Melrose is back…Tell a friend

Really, was this show crying for a remake? And if it’s successful, what other awful shows can we look forward to seeing resurrected in 2009? Allow me to make a few suggestions..

Taye Diggs\' next failed TV project

Taye Diggs’ next failed TV project

Anyone remember “Homeboys In Outer Space”? It was a short-lived series that pretty much summed up the UPN network’s failure in a nutshell. Think of it as the blaxploitation version of “Star Trek”. But now that “Private Practice” appears to be on it’s last legs, Taye Diggs will need another TV show to fail with. He didn’t last as the fashion-forward lawyer on “Kevin Hill”… and the whole black groundhog day show “Daybreak” never took off. Why not bring him back with Nick Cannon as the two well meaning free lancers who hop from planet to planet in their ‘Space Hoopty”, whose voice would be provided by Mo’nique?

I can smell the ratings….

More SNL Election Goodness

Will Ferrell made his return to SNL during Thursday night’s election show, probably giving us a sneak peek of what’s in store for him in 2009. He will be starring in a one-man Broadway show, playing President Bush during the last 30 days of his presidency.

Cloris Leachman- The Sanjaya of “Dancing With The Stars”?

Dan says \"Bathe her and bring her to me\"

Rumor has it that there is quite the controversy brewing on the set of “Dancing With The Stars”, where 82-year old Cloris Leachman and her cavernous cleavage have overstayed their welcome. The Chicago Sun Times had this to say in their Thursday gossip column

This source said “Dancing” competitor Susan Lucci is “fit to be tied. She is working so hard and is outraged that others have been eliminated who are far better than Cloris. It’s all about her obnoxious schtick. … There are deep concerns that people are going to tune out, thinking this has become a big joke and not the serious though entertaining dance competition it’s supposed to be.

”Everyone assumed it would be Cloris and not Toni Braxton who would be eliminated [Tuesday],” added the source. ”There was even some gallows humor going around today. … People joked it must be a whole lot of CBS, NBC and Fox executives getting everyone they know to vote for Cloris — to try and wreck the show,” the staffer said with a rueful laugh.

Along with all of the judges, show co-host Samantha Harris is said to be ”sick and tired” of Cloris and ”her attempts to dominate everything,” said my source. It even was evident when Harris snapped at Leachman to get away from the kids who had just danced in a junior competition on the show Tuesday night. ”After we were off the air, Samantha, Susan and a lot of others were saying they had had it with Cloris.”

What do you think? Is it time for grandma to go home?