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Babies Love Heavy Metal

Well…at least ONE does

Grindcore Baby – Watch more Funny Videos

Sketchy Santas

Because nothing is funnier at the holidays than sketchy santas and scared children… check out more pics here

Get a butt like a Victoria’s Secret Model

And from what I can tell, you don’t even have to go to the gym! All you need is a team of makeup artists.

Exclusive video footage of the Tiger Woods car accident.

Sort of.

A news crew in Taiwan attempted to recreate the Tiger Woods drama. The video is simply amazing.

America’s Next Top DISABLED Model

No, seriously.  This is a show right now in the UK. Read all about it after the jump

Glamour Shots Gone Wrong

And this guy isn’t the worst of the bunch. Click here to see the atrocities.

Britney leaves her mic on…

And she really can’t sing.  Like, not at all. But we already kind of knew that, right?

Poor Paula Deen

Somebody threw a ham in her face at an appearance this morning.  No broken bones or anything, just inevitable jokes about pork in her face.  Check the video here

Can a bra help fight cancer?


I hope so… but this sounds like a load of crap

Kill The Kardashians

I promise this game will help you get through the workday…enjoy!