Leave Tiger alone!!

Alright, I’m not crying like the crazy Britney dude, but is anyone else a little disturbed about the INTENSE amount of media coverage of Mr. Woods and his alleged infidelity? It is completely out of control!! Whatever happened to privacy in this country? I’ve heard a lot of people saying that, “if he would just come out and admit it then people would stop speculating about everything.” While that may be true, why does Tiger owe an explanation to anyone but his wife? It’s none of our business. And yes, I realize I’m sadly in the minority when I say that. Frankly, I’m impressed with Tiger for not wanting to address the matter with the vultures, I mean, tabloid media. If he indeed cheated on his wife, he’s got enough to deal with at home. And the fact that he is apparently more concerned about saving his marriage than worried about what we or the media think about him is very refreshing.